What is the Achievement Number?

The Achievement Number represents an extremely important vibrational pattern in your Numerology Chart. It acts as a central challenge to which you can compare any personal numbers, but most people will allow it to remain in its dormant state, rather than work on the solutions that bring balance and happiness.

When one achieves the fullest expression of this number, the Laws of Attraction are activated, and obstacles to a prosperous and happy life are removed. In other words, it defines the main challenge to your natural connection with the unlimited abundance of the universe, but it also reveals the solution that is the antidote to this challenge. This truly speaks of achievement, in both the material and spiritual sense.

Calculating the Achievement Number is easy…

It is the arithmantic sum of the birth month and the birth date. In other words, someone born on March 6th would have an achievement number of March (3) + 6 = 9.

Be careful to keep all the numbers involved in the calculation; they are important.

A good example would be a person born on December 26th – 12 + 26 = 38, 3 + 8 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2. The Achievement Number, as used in modern numerology is always reduced from a Master Number (11, 22 or 33), but is written with the Master Number in the subtotal. Those of us who study Numerology charts need to keep the compound number, if there is one, so that we can understand the difference between one version of the basic number and the next.

Let’s take a look at the various Achievement Numbers, and discuss the challenge that can hinder the manifestation of your desires.

Achievement Number 1

One is the number of individuality and self-directed action; the number of innovation. If you have it as an Achievement Number, you need to learn to listen to your heart, which knows the difference between enjoying the infinite abundance of the universe and forcefully taking what you want. The challenge is the achieving a state of balanced self-esteem, and when you let go of the ego-based desire to control situations and people, you’ll find that your internal guidance system will work perfectly, and attract what you want, when you want it.

Achievement Number 2

Two is the most cooperative of numbers, but when it appears as an Achievement Number, it may express itself as too much oversensitivity and shyness. The challenge is to learn to act in cooperation with others, rather than accepting their expectations as a guiding force in your life. Speak up for yourself and your needs, and when you do, you’ll find that your intuition is “on the mark.” You’ll achieve the ability to attract what you want, rather than more of the things, people and situations you’ve learned to settle for.

Achievement Number 3

Three can be a very popular and creative vibration, but if it is your achievement number, you are likely to suffer from the fear of being judged. You can overcome the “fear of success” or the “fear of commitment”, and still have trouble attracting the life you want, but if you stop worrying about being “right” and master something, you will. Complete things and don’t be afraid to fail a few times; you’ll learn from your mistakes. This will cause the birth of true charisma and humor that banishes the distracting thoughts and fears that prevent you from seeing life as an opportunity to enjoy luck and abundance.

Achievement Number 4

Four loves doing things by the book, but if it’s your Achievement Number, it’s probably your book, and your love of order is likely to be unfair to both yourself and others. Being judgmental is a way to sabotage your ability to manifest your desires; rather than being grateful for your experience, you’ll either think it’s not good enough, or think (when it comes to the Laws of Attraction) “things like that just don’t happen, at least to me.” When you overcome this challenge, you may be better than anyone else at focusing on seeing yourself in a state of absolute gratitude and prosperity.

Achievement Number 5

Five is the central number; all the others are evenly distributed around it. But if your Achievement Number is 5, you may tend to go to extremes. It’s entirely possible that you can end up destabilizing your entire vibrational matrix in the process of seeking pleasure for yourself. You need to take the center and be moderate in all things. Let the flow of universal abundance move around and through you without throwing you off on a tangent. When you overcome this tendency to slip out of synch, you’ll find that happiness and prosperity come to you naturally.

Achievement Number 6

Six is the most responsible number, yet when it appears as the Achievement Number, you’re more likely to resent responsibilities than to be grateful for them, probably because you don’t want to be blamed for others’ mistakes. Another aspect of this challenge is that you may tend to be something of a perfectionist. This is really a problem when it comes to the Laws of Attraction – the universe won’t respond to limitations and rules you may impose upon it. Focus on being a compassionate nurturer, because when you take care of yourself and others, the universe will take care of you.

Achievement Number 7

Seven can be the most trusting, scientific or spiritual vibration, but when it appears as an Achievement Number, you need to learn how to let go of the desire to be analytical and manipulative. You cannot always plot and plan your way through everything – you need to have faith in, patience with, and gratitude for the miraculous nature of human life. Don’t allow yourself to do “just whatever” because you feel bored or isolated; it’s too easy for you to set up the kind of “psychic gravity” that manifests negative consequences. If you let yourself be vulnerable enough to be ready to receive, you will.

Achievement Number 8

Eight is the most organized and logical number, and likes to be in charge. But if 8 is your Achievement Number, it is far too easy for you to fall into the trap of thinking that others are not giving you the respect and recognition you deserve. This may cause you to believe that the universe is not as giving and generous as you’d like it to be, resulting in extreme efforts to take respect, recognition, prosperity and happiness by force. You need to learn how to stop trying to do everything yourself. Be generous and grateful and learn how to let others, and the universe, do things for you.

Achievement Number 9

Nine is the most compassionate and least ego-driven vibration, but, as an Achievement Number, it can suffer from the unfortunate tendency to take on other people’s problems. Life can be very intense for you, because 9 encompasses the challenges of all the other numbers. Activating the Laws of Attraction requires that you become the soul of compassion and convert your own experience into tools for the teaching and healing of others. Give; never wait to receive. Let go of the past, and start every day anew, live in gratitude and enjoy what comes to you.

In summary…

Your Achievement Number can act as a guide to specific changes you can make to empower your ability to attract the life you want. It has a specific role to play during any cycle, pinnacle, or personal year, month or day, and its challenges/solutions can be pursued and overcome throughout the life. It can be a tool that you use to build the kind of life you want. Whether you want to improve your state of wellness, your prosperity, your relationships, your career, or accelerate your spiritual growth, understanding your Achievement Number can be the key that unlocks doors that have been closed – until now!

Your Professional Numerologist,
Roy Kirkland