You can’t be in a fulfilling relationship with someone else if you don’t understand yourself. Discover what your Sun Number says about you.

Good looks may get all the attention. But it’s your personality that leaves lasting impressions on people.

So many people put stock in outside appearances, but that can only take you so far. It’s really your personality that makes you interesting.

Think of the most interesting person you know. Now, think of the most attractive person you know. Are they one and the same?

Often they’re not. Being physically attractive doesn’t automatically equal a stellar personality. But even if you don’t have a great personality right now, there’s something you can do to get a better one.

Your personality is what makes you unique in this world. Understanding your own personality better can help you make better decisions in life. This deeper understanding of yourself can lead you to more positive experiences.

And help you keep clear of the potentially negative ones.

Then something almost magical happens…

Because you know and understand yourself so well, you’re in a position to make decisions that make you happy. This happiness, in turn, shines out when you speak to others around you.

Some people go through their entire lives without doing the work to improve their personalities. They let negative qualities fester, and neglect positive attributes. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Learning about your Sun Number can help you deepen your understanding of yourself and improve your personality.

You have so much potential locked up inside of you.

Are you ready to discover what your Sun Number reveals about your own personality?


Your Sun Number Sheds Light on Your True Personality

What exactly is your personality?

You show it in all the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you have at every moment of every day. It’s shaped by your family, history, environment, and peers. Outside influences can also make an impact on your personality.

The term comes from the Latin word “persona.” The persona is a mask, like one a performer wears in the theatre. These masks are often used to disguise their identity or project another one to the outside world.

It’s these attributes that make every person in the world unique, because no one has the exact same patterns. Psychologists often give easy to understand assessment for personalities. But the personality isn’t so easily defined.

Your Sun Number is a starting-point guide to your personality. It can let you know which relationships you may gravitate towards. Sun number scores can help you understand how you handle unexpected changes.

The Sun Number can influence the decisions you may make in life – because you make those decisions based on your characteristics. When you understand your own personality based on your Sun number, you can prepare for better decision-making.

For example, those with Sun Number 4 love efficiency and details. They’re the ones who take a systematic approach to everything in life. And they love routine!

Because they’re so detail-oriented, 4s tend to be perfectionists who miss out on empathy. Therefore, they may shy away from any decision that requires sudden change. If a 4 understands this about themselves, they can make positive decisions in life more easily.

In addition, a 4’s solar potential can make them rather unforgiving of themselves. They crave perfection, but that can mean they’re hard on themselves most of all. In relationships, they can seem to lack empathy and may find it difficult to reveal themselves.

However, when they finally do enter into a relationship, they’re as devoted to their partners as they are to routine.

Once You Know Your Sun Number, What’s Next?

Knowledge is power, and that includes what your Sun Number reveals about you. What you do with the information you discover depends on you.

Before you act, determine if the personality assessment is true. It’s silly to blindly follow advice just because you read that it could help.

Decide its accuracy for yourself. Does the information about your sun number resonate with the truth inside you? Do you identify with what it says about your personality?

There’s no shame in admitting that you just don’t see it. Just be careful about making snap decisions.

You may not agree with the assessment right away. Try to keep an open mind, though. Sit on the information and let it marinate in your mind.

Some of your Sun Number information may be news to you. It may catch you off guard. You may even go on the defensive and say, “That’s not me!”

It might be you and it might not. But if you don’t keep an open mind, you’ll never know for sure.

If you identify with the assessment and determine that it’s true, your next step is making improvements.

You may hear that you can’t change your personality. But that’s not entirely true.

Each person has a balance of traits inside them. If you find that you’re skewing towards the negative traits, you can change that.

Kimberly received a reading on a whim. But she never expected how accurate it would be. It surprised her at how dead-on it was about her personality. And the person she felt she was.

From her detailed report, she learned about aspects of herself that she should concentrate on and act upon. Kimberly also learned her weakness: acting in selfishness. So she had to consciously avoid acts that feed that side of her.

Kimberly didn’t necessarily need to do anything about the information she learned. But she chose to act on it and make improvements to her personality. The choice was always hers, however.


How to Calculate Your Sun Number

Are you ready to unlock your solar potential? Calculating your unique solar energy is simple. All you need is the day and month of your birth.

If your birthday is on December 11, you add the numbers until you get a single digit.

So, a December 11th birthday looks like this:

12 + 11 = 23

Then, you further reduce the number by adding the 2 and 3 to get a 5.

The sun number for your birthday is 5.

You can also see how accurate it is on a famous celebrity.

For example, American media personality and model Kylie Jenner’s birthday is on August 10th.

8 + 10 = 18

And this further reduces down to 9.

Sun Number 9s are the idealists of the list. They’re often seen as self-righteous and not very good with emotional issues. They often seem distant and are either loved or hated because of the arrogance they exude.

This sounds fairly accurate for this cosmetic entrepreneur and Instagram model. She has a steady following, but generally, people either love or hate this celebrity.

Know More About Numerology

Your Sun Number scores can influence your personality and serve as a guide to getting to know yourself better. After all, your personality is what makes you interesting and unique.

If you don’t have the greatest personality now, you can always make positive changes. Get ready to do the work to cultivate your number’s natural attributes. And steer clear of decisions that enhance negative aspects of yourself.

Is your Sun Number accurate about your personality? Which areas surprised you? Let us know in the comments section below.