Identical birthdays can produce completely different people. Find out how to raise twin siblings with the same LPNs but different personalities.

Many people assume that twins are exactly alike. Especially if the twins happen to be identical.

It’s easy to equate identical outsides to identical insides. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even when they don’t look alike, as in the case of fraternal twins, many people may assume that they share similar personalities.

After all, they were born on the same day, so they must be practically the same person. Right?

The truth is that twin personalities can be completely different from each other. Sharing a womb doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll share other innate traits.

This situation may prove challenging for parents. How do you raise twins who are virtually the same in many ways, yet have such completely different personalities?

The answer lies in their charts.

Why Life Path Numbers and Birth Charts May Spell a Difference

The life path number is a core number in your numerology chart. Using Pythagorean numerology, you find your life path number by reducing the date of birth to a single-digit number.

For example, if your birthday is:

30th June 1984

The numerical value looks like this:

30 + 6 + 1984

Next, reduce each part into a single digit number.

So, the reduction would look like this:

3 + 6 + 4 = 13

1 + 3 = 4

The resulting digits reveal the number 4 as the life path number.

This number serves as the backbone for interpreting all the other numbers in the chart.

The exception to this rule is if your date of birth incorporates a master number like 11 and 22. These numbers don’t require further reduction.

For example, if you were born on:

30th November 1984

Your life path number calculation would look like this:

3 + 11 + 4 = 18

1 + 8 = 9

Twin siblings may share the same birthdate and life path number. But there are other factors that can change the innate talents an LPN reveals. Birth charts and zodiac signs can cause some talents to manifest more strongly than others.

Parenting Your Twins Based on Their Expressed Life Path Numbers

Become a rockstar parent by understanding your kids’ life path numbers. These will show the innate talents and abilities they were born with. Nurturing those gifts can help you build healthy connections.

Life Path Number 1

Children who have this number are natural-born leaders. Their creative talents drive them to look for new ideas and new ways of doing things. But they’re also prone to frustration. They want to rush into everything and need to learn patience. Help guide them to see that their way isn’t the only way.

Also, try enrolling these kids in activities that allow them to develop a healthy sense of competition, such as sports. Not only is it an outlet for your energetic child, it also allows them to develop their natural leadership and teamwork skills.

Life Path Number 2

Diplomacy, harmony, and cooperation are what an LPN 2 child’s purpose is all about. A life path number 2 child is a peacemaker of the world.

Your child is emotionally sensitive to the world around them. Help them learn how to construct healthy emotional barriers. They’re people pleasers, so allow them to say “no” and take care of their own needs. And don’t forget to give praise and encouragement when they deserve it.

Life Path Number 3

Children with 3 LPNs are joyful creative geniuses. But their emotional sensitivity can make them vulnerable to severe self-doubt and criticism.

Children with the life path number 3 are quick-minded and good at almost everything they do. But they may have trouble focusing on completing things once they’ve started.

They do best if they’re encouraged to follow their creative impulses. In fact, criticism is crippling for them. Teach them to express themselves in a safe environment.

Life Path Number 4

Do you remember the story about the Tortoise and the Hare? The tortoise in the story had a life path number 4. But that’s not a bad thing.

These “slow and steady” children excel at hard work and gathering knowledge. They crave stability, predictability, and order. When something happens to upset that, they can freak out.

Set up comfortable routines and encourage your child to think outside the box. A little risk-taking is healthy and teaches them to look beyond limiting circumstances.

Life Path Number 5

A 5 child lives for adventure. They want to be a part of everything around them, and sometimes that means living without a filter.

These children value independence and freedom overall. Rather than trying to suppress their energy, use calendars and checklists to help them focus. Support their adventurous spirit, within healthy limits. And teach them how to connect with all kinds of people through tolerance.

Life Path Number 6

Children with the LPN 6 grow up to be a nurturing force in the world. Their sense of responsibility may make them susceptible to taking on too much early in life. Teaching them the right balance between too much and too little can help them let go of the need for perfectionism and control.

With these children, you need to praise and then correct them. They simply won’t take correction right off the bat – not when they think they’re in charge.

Also, help them let go of the need for perfection and let them know it’s okay to make mistakes. Teach them that mistakes are an expected part of life.

Life Path Number 7

Children with a number 7 may feel like they’re on a different wavelength than others around them. They’re highly intuitive, with an analytical and data-driven mind. They’re always looking for answers.

These children may have trust issues because they feel out of place in this world. Encourage the use of their intuition to keep them from shutting out the rest of the world. Make sure you give them ample quiet time and validate their emotions when they come to the surface.

Life Path Number 8

If you have an 8 child, you may have already noticed… they are intense. In life, they’re slated to be powerhouses with money, control, and philanthropy. But it may take a while for them to develop the skills to stand strong.

Until then, you may find that your 8 children have issues with authority. They also exude intense energy, so you may find that they have some rough edges.

Help your child develop their inner talents by talking about money: how to make it and use it. Don’t forget to teach them how to give generously to others, too. Also, be sure to set clear unwavering boundaries. Don’t give in to any unreasonable demands, no matter how much they push.


Life Path Number 9

Children who have number 9 life paths are the ultimate humanitarians. Since 9 is the number of “completion” in numerology, you may find that you have an “old soul” in your home.

They may feel out of place, or like they don’t belong. This may give them the impression that they have to go it alone.

Show endless support to your child’s quirks and oddities. They may be a little off-center, so let them know that it’s okay to be that way.

Children with this number also need to learn how to let go in life. Show them how with your example. Demonstrate what healthy detachment and gratitude look like.

Rock Your Parenting Skills with Numbers

Learning your children’s life path number can give you better insight into what your children need. The day of birth, month and year hold the key. Simply add the resulting digits and reduce to a single-digit number.

Find out your own life path number to learn where you fit in and your own parenting potential. Calculate your life path today!

What does the life path number say about your child? Did you learn a new way to connect with them? Tell us in the comments section. Or, get your free numerology report today.

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