september numerology astrology tarotPinHey everyone, it is now September and autumn is on its way!

The Sun is now in the mutable Earth sign Virgo. Mutable energy is transitional, and we are indeed in a time right now of shifting seasons. 

And by the 22nd, the Autumn Equinox will officially arrive in the Northern Hemisphere with the Sun in Libra- a cardinal Air sign that will usher us into this new season.

Astrological Insights:

  • The Sun will be in Virgo for most of this month, and The Hermit is the Tarot card linked to this sign.
  • On the card, we see an image of a wise old man, seeking truth (as symbolised by the illuminating lantern) while in retreat from the external world.
    This card represents seeking the truth within, and finding one’s true self.
  • There are many themes linked to Virgo, but the most essential themes are: Purity, Truth and Wholeness.

Purity As A Theme

The theme Purity could have the symbol of the window or the mirror linked to it. It is very linked to the theme of Truth, in that it is about wiping away the muck or the fog (in the form of illusion) that obscures our essence; the truth and our true selves. This can therefore also bring us back to Wholeness.

When I traveled to Japan back in January, I visited a Shinto shrine in Tokyo and got a poem that served as a form of divination for me. I’d like to share it with you..

My mirror every morning,
So spotlessly clear-
Thus might it ever be
With the human heart!

-Empress Shoken

This poem, I feel, is relevant for the collective at this time and fits with the Hermit/Virgo theme.

September Tarot Reading

I also did a Tarot reading at the mid-point of the year, asking advice for everyone on how to proceed with the rest of 2016. Interestingly, the Hermit card came up and I had a very strong impression of this message:

Do not believe everything you hear or see- look within for the truth. 

I felt that this was about the media and the news; not believing everything presented to us from that source, and tuning into our intuition for some answers.

I feel that that this also has to do with the collective consciousness, and how we are shifting from an era of looking to the external guru to the inner guru; claiming our divinity, wisdom and sovereignty.

Numerological Insights: “9” Number of Completion

  • It is worth noting that 2016 is a 9 year, as 2+0+1+6= 9 .
  • And September is also a 9 month.
  • Therefore, it is worth taking particular consideration of the themes linked to the universal number for the year this month.
  • Also, 9 is interestingly the number for Hermit/Virgo card in the Tarot!

9 is the number of completion. It notes the ending of a cycle, releasing and tying loose ends so that we may optimally begin a new cycle.
It is also appropriately the number of the Sage (like the Hermit) who has undergone all of his/her initiations, and has acquired lessons and wisdom.

Tarot Cards for September:

Here are some cards that I pulled to offer us some advice on navigating the month….

4 of Swords/Rest from Strife-

4 is a number of stability, and the image of the 4 of Swords is of taking retreat and from the battlefield, so that one could re-stabilize and restore.
The suit of Swords can be about struggle and animosity. Therefore this card is indicating needing to take some time this month for restoration and healing, if you’ve been experiencing some struggle.

This card could also (like The Hermit) indicate a need for contemplation, meditation and reflection this month. 

10 of Swords/Ruin-

10 is the last number in the suits, and this indicates the end of a cycle- and the emergence of a new one. 

Some of you may have been having a tough time for a while (another Swords card of ’struggle and animosity’!), but this card shows that the end is near. All things; all cycles come to an end.

And a new beginning is dawning on the horizon. There is peace and yet also passion indicated here, in the new beginning emerging!

six of pentaclesPin6 of Pentacles/Material Success-

There are several interpretations that came up for this card, and different ones will be relevant for different people…

  • This card shows abundance and receiving for some of you this month!
  • This card also shows that it may be a good idea to give to those who you recognise are in need. You could maybe donate to a charity or volunteer some service.
  • Balance may be a theme that’s important to focus on (perhaps especially when the Sun goes into the Libra).

This could be about balancing the themes of Virgo to its polar sign Pisces. Pisces is about imagination and dreams, while Virgo is about practicality, the details and “getting real”.

The 6 of Pentacles is about balancing and uniting raw passion with ordered effort so that we may materialise our dreams with success.
Sometimes when we do what we love, it involves also doing some tedious things as well (like doing scales exercises if we practice piano, for example).  But these things are necessary in order for us to do what we love successfully.

*And keeping with the theme of balance, this may have to do with taking care of your health this month and doing what you need to in order to maintain physical equilibrium.

Oracle Reading From the Magic of Flowers Deck for September:


This card also has multiple possible meanings..

This red flower shows that we may need to push through any inertia, stagnation or rut that we may be going through to get some momentum going!

This could also be about breaking any unhealthy habits, getting the body moving for exercise and to move energy that may be stuck, to get out and put yourself out there, or changing up your routine/home decor/job/etc.

Colors For September:

Red is a good color to use this month if you are having issues with personal power and confidence.

It is also a color of life force and passion. Passion is a word that kept coming up in my tarot/oracle card readings, so I am convinced that this is an important theme for us this month!

Also gold/brown, green and all autumnal colours would fit with the month of September, as these are the colors that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing around us!

Thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful September.

6 of pentacles tarot card above by Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown.