Previously, in discussing the secret key to your Numerology Chart, we have discussed the LifePath and Expression groups, along with some of the components that make them up. This time, we’re going into a one of the less well-understood aspects of a chart, the Challenges.

Without a clear picture of what the chart components do, looking at the numbers won’t help you to find the answers you came to Numerology to seek. When you do learn to see how the numbers are “spun” by their particular place in the chart, the lists of keywords and definitions you find here and in Numerology books will really mean something to you.

The Challenges

People generally don’t like the idea of facing a challenge, but they are not as bad as you may think – they are actually about things that will make for greater happiness if you do them.

There are certain challenges that exist in both the Expression Group and the Life Path group. The Soul Urge Challenge (the difference between the first and last vowel) and the Personality Challenge (the difference between the first and last consonant), when calculated, can be arithmantically summed to find the Expression Challenge.

For instance, if a person has an Expression Challenge of 3, they need to get out and be more social, or engage in creative activities. Usually those who have this challenge will choose to spend a lot of time on their own, which is exactly what they should not do.

Of course, Challenges in the Expression group are about the choices you make, and working with them only requires a simple decision. The changes may not happen instantly, but with a few tries, they will be noticeable.

The Major and Minor Challenges on the LifePath are different, in that when they are active during a time-cycle, such as a Personal Month, you will usually find that you have attracted opportunities to overcome them. They are interpreted the same way as the Expression Group Challenges, except that they describe the circumstances you attract. Using the same example, a person with a Major Challenge of 3, during any time-cycle that holds this vibration, will attract circumstances that are too demanding to allow much time for fun, or maybe one has to put creative projects on the back burner.

At the same time, if one is engaged in a creative profession, or has chosen to put emphasis on their social life, they will probably take time for personal enjoyment, even when responsibilities mount up – it’s a tricky nut to crack, but not a hard one.

Just remember, as you are learning about your personal Numerology Chart, wherever you see Challenge, it’s the same thing as the “Extra Credit” or “Bonus Question” in an exam or game show; it’s not a threat, just a chance to improve your life in some way or another, which will be explained in the next post on the “Keys.”