The Secret Behind James Franco’s Success

4 (April) +
19 = Birthday 19/1
23 = Achievement; 23/5 +
1978+23 = 2001; 2+0+0+1 = Lifepath 3

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From a soap opera psychotic artist (General Hospital), to a nice but mad scientist (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), to a vengeful super-villain (Spiderman), to an inter-dimensional con-man (Oz, the Great and Powerful), there hasn’t been a role yet that is beyond or beneath this hardworking young artist. Hot on the heels of James Dean (whom he won a Golden Globe award for playing) and Marlon Brando, he is rapidly becoming Hollywood’s new “bad boy” as a writer, director and actor. His non-conformist attitude, choice of roles, and insatiable thirst for knowledge and experience is clearly reflected in his numbers.

Mr. Franco’s 6 Soul Urge underlies his interest in education; not only has he taught at prestigious institutions, including NYU, USC and UCLA, but is currently a PhD candidate at Yale University. His 11 personality shows his unique and innovative way of becoming inspired by the unusual characters he plays, as well as his choice of difficult roles, including his role in “127 Hours” for which he received an Oscar nomination. He’s become one of the “go-to guys” for extremely challenging and unusual work in the film industry.

A Closer Look

Part of why he picks such “bad boy” roles may be due to his Birthday Number, which is the Karmic Number 19. According to tradition, 19 is an ongoing lesson of balancing the masculine and the feminine on a psychic-energetic level – it has been said that a person with this number can switch, in a minute, from Mother Theresa to Genghis Khan. At the same time, the 19/1 it almost always shows someone who is comfortable with themselves, without feeling that they must adhere to any stereotype, and will “break rank” when it suits them, and will not succumb to the expectations of others.

Another aspect of the Karmic Number 19 is found in the Birthday Challenge and gift. His Birthday Challenge is 8, which attempts to teach the individual that money and power can be a blessing or a curse according to how one uses them. The Birthday Gift is 1, which is the same as his “resolved” Birthday Number, which means that this gift is expressed naturally for him. Not only does this make overcoming the Challenge easy, but it also brings many opportunities to stand above what others would expect of him. The Challenge is also the same as his Expression Number, which means that many of his decisions about roles and activities outside of his work will be centered on the proper use of his time, energy and money.

Unlike Dean and Brando whose lives imitated their art, the young professor James Franco has positioned himself, through his work, as one of the most original and unique Bad Boys in the history of Hollywood.

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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