Relationship Compatibility and Your Life Path

What Can Your Life Path Number Teach You About Your Relationships?

Relationships are delicious news!

They are a natural component of the human condition, we all have them and we all need them. Everything is relationship. Every relationship compatibility dynamic is unique as no two combinations of energy will ever be the same. This means each relationship is an opportunity to create genuine connections and dynamics that will positively contribute to the world around us. So exciting right?!

So how will numerology help you with this?

Well as we all know, there are some people who we really vibe with and other people not so much. This is a reflection of the frequencies of the two individuals and the compatibility of those energies. A personal numerology reading gives us very clear indications of our personal frequencies based on the letters in our names and numbers in our birthday.

There are people who we naturally gravitate towards and guess what that is no coincidence.

Guaranteed the people you get along best with and who you are the most attracted to are numerically compatible with you on some level. So what does this all mean when it comes to love, partnership and relationships of all kinds? Well by knowing one of your most prominent numbers, the life path, you can get a initial snapshot into the ease and challenges you and a lover, partner, sibling, friend or family mate may encounter. Its a quick and easy calculation all you do is add up all the numbers in your birthday, reduce them to a single digit and boom you have a point of reference for initial compatibility. (For calculation examples click here)
Like everything there are many aspects to establishing complete compatibility with people and the life path compatibility will be enough to support you in making initial choices in your social circles, romantic relationships and family dynamics to really serve your souls purpose and hearts desire. So go ahead and figure out your life path and tag in with your lover, friend, partner or family mate and decipher their number. Then take a look at the number compatibility reference on our resources page.

Something to keep in mind is when researching compatibility is: No relationship is ever doomed and there is no such thing as ‘bad’ match or combination. Some combinations are just stronger than others. The people who we are challenged by are our greatest teachers and there is a great learning both souls have unconsciously agreed to teach each other.

In every relationship and dynamic there is an opportunity to shift our perceptions to seek the opportunity of learning. It is in this state of openness growth and expansion of the self is possible. Its important to keep in mind when ever someone is in your experience they are there to teach you something and you are there to teach them something. Ultimately the path of ascension is mastering the vibrations, lessons and strengths of all the numbers and their frequencies. So allow people and their diversity flow into your experience, observe the lesson they are there to teach and remember you have just as many beautiful gifts and lessons to share with the world. Learn more about your gifts and lessons through obtaining your free numerology report, here.

Love in Numbers

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