With this post, we come to a topic that is rarely talked about in average Numerology books.

We’re going to be talking about what the Personal Alphabet is, the Identity Number (a.k.a. the Balance Number), and follow up with the amazing system of prediction that we like to call the Moving Balance, or “Secret Identity.”

The Personal Alphabet is made up of the letters in your name. We start understanding it by reading the individual letters not just by way of their numerical values, but let you know about why each letter has certain qualities based on its appearance and our experience with it. We’re not going to go through the entire alphabet now, because that will be the purpose of the next post.

In Hebrew mysticism, each letter has a meaning and a number ascribed to it. This is also true of the Greek alphabet, the Runes and Sanskrit. Even in languages like Chinese and Japanese, the many characters have different meanings, In fact, in those countries, one explains their name by writing it, because several different meanings can be attached to the same sound.

We take a similar approach to our alphabetic characters in Numerology. For instance, the 3 letters F, O and X have the value of the number 6, but according to their appearance, we can see that they have very different meanings, as you will see. In general, you’ll begin to notice that some are closed, and some are open. Some are built of straight lines and some are curved. Here are a few obvious examples:

  • A looks kind of like the head of an arrow penetrating a target. A is often interpreted as “the first”, or the Alpha, or the target or goal at which one is aiming during its active phase, so it is very much like 1, it’s number.
  • C looks like an open mouth in a cartoon, when characters are either eating something or yelling about something – consuming and communicating both are aspects of the number 3.
  • F looks like a flag that is flying, which represents the loyalty of 6, its number. But 6 also speaks of farm and family both of which express qualities of the strong F vibration when it is in its active phase.
  • O is like a circle or a “corral” in which things are confined. When someone comes to a 6-year period of O, there is often success but there is some kind of “do-over” connected with it. It may be a circle of friends or a family circle, which are much more obvious interpretations of its number, 6.
  • X “marks the spot” as they often say in cartoons and pirate movies, but it is also the sign of that “unknown” quality, the “X-factor.” That’s honestly why math uses “x” to represent a number one is looking for: not like interpreting 6 at all.
  • Y looks like a fork in the road, a time when 2 options are available, and a decision must be made. This is true when anyone is going through a period of Y. People with Y as a cornerstone or minor key are often indecisive, take “the road less traveled” at some point in their lives.

These are just a few examples to whet your appetite for our next post, which will cover the alphabet interpretations in depth.

For now, it’s a good idea to think about their numeric value in two different ways. The numbers give us a way to combine several letters to find a combined value or balance. The number also gives each letter a “time value” by representing how long it’s “phase” lasts, in terms of years.

So in this post, we’ll explore how we use these time values to determine when the phase of a letter in your name is active.

This might seem a little complicated, but don’t worry; we do this for you in chart readings that you get from the Numerologist website.

Identity: The Balance Number

The Balance Number or Identity is the numerological equivalent of the first letter of each name. We often call these letters one’s initials, and in some cases, they can be shorthand for a full signature on a document.

To explain this best, let’s talk about an example person, Mary Jane West. The Balance, or the Identity is MJW. The Balance Number is, of course, 4+1+5 = 10 or 1. This means that the typical qualities of 1, such as putting one’s achievements first, assertiveness, inventiveness, pride and so forth are qualities she can always rely on. Since 1 is the Balance, she can always use its accomplishment-oriented nature when making important decisions, especially during a Personal Year, Life-path cycle, or other period dominated by vibration 1. The qualities of 1 can also act as a “plan B” when things aren’t working out at any time!

With the Identity, it’s better to think of the qualities of the individual letters:

M is the cornerstone, which means it empowers her to impress people as being sturdy and solid like a mountain range, or explosive as a volcano. She can manage her emotions well and is good at managing others. She needs a lot of movement and activity in her life, especially during the 4-year phase or “transit” of M. She can move mountains with little more than careful planning, meditation and determination, but only if she learns how to manage stress. She will be a practical and loyal person.

J is the first letter of the middle name, which usually represents some sort of hidden ability or talent, or an inner attitude, unless she is known as “Mary Jane” or always signs documents, letters etc, with all 3 of her names.

J looks kind of like a hook, which can keep her caught up in past experiences, but she can also land her those “big fish” that bring in profits, ideas, or joy. When times are tough, she can be her own judge, jury and jailer. It’s easy for her to jinx herself with junk ideas, or by justifying excuses to avoid her responsibilities. Usually, during its 1-year phase, she will experience rewards from the past, either by benefiting from previous efforts or opportunities to resolve unfinished business. Most of her hidden resources lie in the lessons she’s learned from choices she made in the past or from her own independent and self-reliant nature.

W, the first letter of her last name, is also her Minor key, which is read by its Numeric value of 5. This shows that she will always strive for a future that is secure enough to give her the opportunity to travel or otherwise enjoy herself. It also shows that she may be vulnerable to schemes that offer big promises, but that her intuition is strong enough to uncover the opportunities in the changes she invariably will encounter in life.

W itself looks like a mountain with two valleys, representing the ups and downs she will face throughout life. It carries the idea of water, which is the primary symbol of the emotions. She’s usually caring, committed and adaptable, but she has a tendency to fall into periods of worry. During its 5-year transit, she might be possessed by wanderlust, or a strong desire for a change of location, but she needs to avoid making unnecessary changes in her financial life. The 3rd year of its 5-year phase will usually inspire important decisions regarding relationships, and the entire 5 years can be a restless but enjoyable time.

As you can see, combining all 3 of these letter qualities into a single story can be complicated. What makes it so complex is that each name is always treated separately, and each has its own time cycle. The letters within each of the names represent the “transits”, or “phases” of that name’s activity.

Name Cycles

Yes, and again, the first thing to know about Name Cycles is, once again, that each name is treated separately, whether it is spoken or written that way or not or hyphenated or whatever. What if our example person uses Jane-West as her last name, adding her maiden name to her married name to keep her identity? Two names, two calculations. What if friends and family call her Mary-Jane or she’s called that to distinguish her from a co-worker named Mary Alice or similar? Although she might be known as having a double first name, they are two complete names, unless Jane is not capitalized and joined without a space or hyphen to the first and so forth. Again, two distinct names, 2 columns.

And this is how we break it down.

The name Mary = 4+1+9+7 = 21, which means on her 22nd birthday, she returns to M, her cornerstone.

The name Jane = 1+1+5+5 = 12, so on her 13th birthday, she begins to run the J phase of her middle name cycle.

The name West = 5+5+1+2 = 13, so on her 14th birthday, her last name cycle begins again.

And don’t forget that the Balance Number is a permanent indicator in the chart. At the same time, what happens when M or J or W comes to the end of their phases within the cycle?

The Moving Balance and the Secret Identity

To see how this works, let’s look at Mary’s 29th birthday and see what the letters tell us.

The first name cycle will have been completed once already, and on her 26th birthday, she would have run out of M, 27 would have elapsed A, so 29 would be the 2nd year of the R phase of 9 years.

The second name would run twice by the 25th birthday, which would have begun the 3rd cycle. J & A take 2 more years, and that puts her in the 2nd year of the N phase by her 29th birthday.

Her last name went through 2 cycles by her 26th birthday, so the 27th began a 5-year W phase, and by the 29th birthday, she would have begun her 3rd year of W, which is also her Minor Key.

So on the 29th birthday, the Balance is 9+5+5 (the values of the letters) which would give her a Moving Balance number of 1, which is the same as her Identity Number. When looking at the letters, we see the R, the N and the W (the minor Key), the “Secret Identity”, and we study them as well.

Let’s give “imaginary Mary” a birthday of October 5th, 1991. Her 29th birthday occurs on October 5th of 2020, making this a Personal Year 1.

Her LifePath is 8. She’s in her 2nd Pinnacle, since the length of the 1st is 36-the LifePath, or 28. The value of this Pinnacle is the Day + Year of birth, or 7. She is in her Productive Cycle of 5.

With these numbers, she’s likely to be interested in new ideas, self-improvement, and being flexible enough to enjoy her life. The Pinnacle and Cycle numbers would increase her need for variety and the 5/7 combination points to travel. A Personal Year 1 is a year of new beginnings, so maybe she wants to explore her options and see what’s “out there” for her to experience.

The letter R is closed at the top, and shows her as a conscious rebel, taking a bold step ahead to master the lessons of the past. With N she has all the speed and intensity she needs and knows how to seize the opportunity hidden within change. We could say that she’s not hoping for change; she’s ready to make it happen.

The other 5’s and 1’s in her Birthday Number, Identity and Moving Balance are the very definition of change. And “W” is her Minor Key (described above). She’s in the 3rd year of W, when important relationship decisions are likely. I would ask if she was planning on making a major career change, because she is ready to break free (5’s) and enjoy a self-directed life (1’s) involving travel or affairs at a distance (7’s and 9’s).

This a method of numerology that reveals what no other number system can.

Next: The Letters Revealed and the Event Number



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