october numerologyIn October, a change is now welcomed.  Over the next couple of weeks, you may be feeling somewhat between the past and the future. This is the kind of push and pull feeling which comes from being in a number 9 year, (about endings), and a number 1 month, which concerns the new! What is still holding you back? This is time to take a step forward.

How Can the Month of October Benefit You?

This month we enter the tenth month of the year, and although the we don’t often mention the zero in Numerology, it actually does have a purpose, which is to intensify any number that it follows. So hold onto your hats because a fresh new horizon is arriving. Even if you are still dealing with a reality that appears to be the “same old”, or negotiating situations which never seem to change, there is room in October to make a change. The whole world is feeling a little bit like it’s at the end of the road, because globally we have reached the last number from the whole Numerological cycle. That is why this month can feel a little confusing.

It only takes the smallest of changes to alter your world significantly. Equally, if you create a fresh start and plant a seedling this month, also ensuring a commitment to stick to it, it will grow into a large prosperous and abundant tree over time. Small steps can amass to big revolutions!

Number 1 concerns the individual so this is your moment to strike out on your own and develop your independent streak. Equally you may need more you space now. Also listening to your own counsel will be important during this phase. How self-sufficient are you right now? Themes concerning your ability to be self-contained and self-reliant will arise, so that you can learn to be there for yourself in positive and harmonious ways. The number 1 of the number world is the pioneer and the warrior. At this juncture, these archetypes are at your disposal, so make good use of your directive and strong side.

An Opportunity for Something New

Use this chance to get serious and create something new this month. Feel into your personal desires and passions and make a step toward aspects which will make you feel renewed. This is a great time for re-birth. You are best advised to stand tall and be honest in any situations or dynamics which surface over the next couple of weeks. Showing your ability to deal with encounters with a calm, focused presence will serve you well. You don’t have to be selfish when allowing yourself to be the number one priority, in fact taking care of your own needs first, gives you more room to truly be available to others.

Here are some tips for making the most of the next few weeks:

  • Schedule in some solo time
  • Try to be clear, frank and honest
  • Allow your original, authentic, and unique side to direct you
  • Consider your relationship with yourself
  • Stop putting others first
  • Look out for any new opportunities
  • Make a fresh start in something
  • Change something for the better
  • Strengthen your level of independence

Enjoy your month of October! Feel free to leave any comments below J

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond MA

Hanna Ehlers – Bond is a psychotherapist and numerologist. She’s helped thousands of people through personal coaching, events and her YouTube channel, to enrich and empower their lives. Utilizing her psychology training, along with a passion for numerology, she’s formed a unique life review model. Along with other holistic tools, this type of road map is used to assist people with self-development and motivation. Hanna also specializes in ME/CFS recovery, after having experienced crippling chronic illness for four years. Find out more at LifePathInspiration.com.

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