thanksgiving dinner


What’s it really all about?

Because for the last few years now, it’s felt a lot like it’s become the re-fueling staging post before the splurge of Black Friday and all those mad pre-Christmas-sales dashes the following day.

You probably know the stories from school, about the Pilgrims who sailed to the Americas on the Mayflower, breaking bread with the Native Americans after their first harvest in 1621. Growing hungrier and hungrier after their arrival in what is present-day Massachusetts, the colonists finally welcomed the help and guidance of the country’s Natives, for survival.  At least 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe and 50 of the surviving pilgrims attended the first Thanksgiving feast, which reportedly lasted 3 full days.

Cue the collective sigh of relief, that Thanksgiving no longer lasts that long, and once dinner’s done, everyone gets to quietly creep away from their extended family of second cousins and third aunties twice removed, that you won’t have to see again, until, well, next month when it’s Christmas. Let’s not pretend the awkward small talk and barrage of questions from that slightly drunk uncle you usually try to avoid is something you’re really looking forward to..

But isn’t Thanksgiving all about appreciation?

…And also about making sure that everyone around the table feels appreciated and therefore gets the chance to be their best self?

Hell yeah.. that’s what it’s all about! Which is why knowing the numbers can really help.

Yes, seriously!

Trust me on this – once I worked out the core numbers of my nearest and dearest, their annoying quirks and weird mannerisms all started to make a little more sense and be a little more forgivable than before. It’s foolproof!

Your Secret Thanksgiving Weapon – Your Family’s Numerology

The Life Path Number – which is a single digit (or double digit Master Number) that simply comes from your full birth date – is the easiest place to start. To find the Life Path Number of your mum/dad/brother/sister/grandad/auntie/seventh cousin four times removed, just follow the link below, to our free Numerology calculator and we’ll calculate it for you! Then read on to find out exactly how to keep the peace and navigate Thanksgiving Day 2019, when you’re being forced to sit down next to any of these Life Path Numbers for too many long hours…

Life Path Number Calculator

Life Path 1

Life Path 1s need to feel like the winners.

They’re the ones who pitch up at the head of the holiday table, carve the turkey, taste the wine, and basically lead the celebration like they’re steering the helm of a ship.

Letting them take the glory and feel like the whole entire thing was their idea in the first place is probably the path of least resistance. Take it. If this number doesn’t feel like its way out in front, it’ll spend the whole meal trying to get there.

Number 1s are also the most likely to try something new and rise to a challenge (and will never, ever turn down a chance to win a competition). So when the conversation lulls and someone on the kids’ table suggests a game of “would you rather..”, this is someone who will definitely take the bait!

Life Path 2

Life Path 2s are the world’s peacemakers.

They just want everyone to get along and will do whatever it takes to keep rapidly fraying emotions soothed and settled. They’re the most likely to pass the side dish to the newbie looking lost, or share the last piece of pecan pie, even when it’s their absolute favorite dessert they’ve been waiting all year to taste.

Number 2s don’t often love talking about themselves, so don’t bombard them with a tirade of questions. They’ll be far more at ease listening to what you’ve got to say, prompting, encouraging and dipping in and out of conversations around the table. The self-deprecating Life Path 2 will happily share their great grandmother’s Thanksgiving Recipe recipe for Green Bean Casserole, but be sure to tell you that yours is probably better.

Life Path 3

And here you have Thanksgiving’s very own entertainer.

Cracking jokes and reeling off stories that have even the oldies rolling about in giggles, Life Path 3s will be the ones you find chucking cranberries across the room, or making pretend fangs from the green beans.

These are the people who can make a holiday meal last 6 hours, but nobody seems to mind – if you’re sitting next to one of these funny folk, you’re in for a treat, your sides will be aching by the end of the day! Just don’t expect to actually know this Number any better than when you first sat down for Thanksgiving Dinner. All those fun and games doesn’t mean they’re about to show you their soul.

Life Path 4

Thanksgiving Day’s organizers.

Do the mashed potatoes need extra mashing?

Does the turkey need stuffing?

Does Uncle Joe need collecting from the airport, or extra chairs borrowing from next door?

Then this Life Path Number’s your guy (or gal). This personality will step in to do whatever needs doing. In fact, you may not see them that much over Thanksgiving dinner, because they’ve probably noticed a blocked gutter or a leaky tap that needs fixing. Or alternatively, if you’re sharing a side dish with one of these practical people, they’ll send you away with a set of precise step-by-step instructions for exactly how to remedy whatever’s going wrong in your own household. Result!

Life Path 5

Are you sure a Life Path 5 has even made it to Thanksgiving Day dinner at all? These light footed folk are usually the ones halfway across the globe, Face-timing in from a remote corner of the jungle.

If you do find yourself passing the gravy to a Life Path Number 5, they’re bound to enthrall you with mesmerizing stories of holiday after holiday, adventure after adventure. The usual turkey-and-stuffing-shaped star of the show is sure to be usurped by tales of much more exotic and outrageous cuisine when this Number’s around. You’ll part company feeling decidedly dull (you’re not, these folk are just unnaturally restless and all the home baked pumpkin pie in the world won’t keep them in one place). Enjoy it while it lasts.

Life Path 6

Life Path 6s are the sweet potato casserole of the Thanksgiving family. Fluffy and soft, they’re like a big warm hug that just wants to make you feel safe. These folk are most likely to be busy in the kitchen, peeling the potatoes and stirring the cranberry sauce, making sure everything’s just gravy. But the Life Path 6 will wear themselves thin working to achieve perfection. So check the turkey, steam the green beans, mash the mashed potatoes, even if they try to tell you they have it all under control.

The other way to spot a 6, is that they’re the ones smiling the whole day long – the family’s their focus so having everyone together for the holiday is heaven on a plate.  Tell them about yourself, share the details of your life and they’ll somehow manage to load you up with advice without making you feel like you actually need it. Numerology’s maternal mavens.

Life Path 7

The Life Path Number of Philosophers.

These folk are the ones wondering what it’s all about. Sit down next to a Life Path 7 and they’ll explain the Thanksgiving Day origins to you, check you know the story of the Pilgrims and the Natives and then ask you your opinion on the whole shebang.

But they’re just as likely to be lost in a world of their own, pondering the deeper, metaphysical meaning of Thanksgiving and gratitude, and the perfect recipes for cranberry sauce, sweet chestnut stuffing, and homestyle sweet potatoes…

Life Path 8

Life Path 8s are the organizers – these folk are the ones to give you a job if you’re looking a little too idle.

This is also the Number most likely to come bearing lavish gifts – posh chocolates or an expensive bottle of gin – so if you can wangle a seat next to him or her, your wine glass will be sure to stay topped up all day long!

But they’ll keep you on your toes. 8s expect a lot from people and don’t mind flexing a little mental muscle, so the conversation will likely challenge and ruffle a few feathers. Which is all fun and games – what’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner without a few outlandish political opinions or moral slants?!

Life Path 9

Not just a safe bet, Life Path 9s are awesome people to spend time with at Thanksgiving because they seem to ooze such well-rounded opinions and wide perspectives.

Just like the most wizened of the older generation, 9s have seen it all. They can’t be shocked. So whatever crazy sidekicks, waifs and strays or questionable partners are brought along to share the meal, Life Path 9s are the ones to break the ice and keep the dynamics balanced.

Life Path 11

Just like 2s, Life Path 11s are most likely to end up coupled up for an intimate chat, or being that sympathetic shoulder for your cousin’s girlfriend who’s had just a little too much to drink.

Once you actually get talking to this unique Master Number and get a peek into their world, you’ll like what you see – 11s are quirky and have a decidedly peculiar way of seeing the world. It’s probably more fun talking to one of these people, that listening to Uncle Jim drone on about what it was all like “in his day” but don’t expect the 11 to open up straight away. You’ll have to earn their trust first.

Life Path 22

Just like the 4s, Life Path 22s are organizers extraordinaire, plus a touch of supernatural vision!

You’ll know you’re passing the roasted potatoes to one of these special folk when they start re-organizing the Thanksgiving Day schedule and suddenly making everything seem a whole lot less complicated than it seemed 5 minutes ago. Master Number 22s are like life’s magnets, so they’ll be the ones with a flock around them, putting each and every world to rights.

And when the day is done, it’ll be the 22 who organizes how everyone’s getting home – lift shares and trips to the airport will suddenly click into place with the number 22s magic touch.

Now it’s your turn!

What is your Life Path Number? And about the Life Paths of your nearest and dearest?
Share below, and share your survival tactics for Thanksgiving Day celebrations

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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