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Did you know that combining the power of numerology with the Law of Attraction can greatly accelerate your path to success?

Specifically, by looking at your Achievement Number, you can uncover a vital vibrational pattern in your personal numerology chart, helping you to remove unnoticed barriers to prosperity… and make the Law of Attraction work in your favor (finally).

How To Calculate Your Achievement Number

Calculating your Achievement Number is very straightforward. Simply add up the numbers of your birthday (excluding the year).

For example, if you were born on February 3rd…

You would add 2 (the number of February) and 3, getting an Achievement Number of 5.

If this number comes to more than 9, simply continue summing the numbers until you reach a single digit.

For example, if you were born on October 9th…

You would add 10 + 9 = 19

You would then add 1 + 9 = 10

And finally, 1 + 0 = 1

Voila! Your Achievment Number would be 1.

What Your Achievement Number Says About You

achievement number - loa - numerologyPinYour Achievement Number reveals A LOT about your innate success qualities as you’ll see below…

But, it also exposes a few sneaky obstacles and challenges that can stop you from ever attracting the prosperity and abundance you deserve.

So, now that you know YOUR Achievement Number, find it below to learn about your natural talents, and what stands between you and using the Law of Attraction to its full potential.

  • Achievement Number 1: If you have an achievement number of 1, you are a natural innovator and leader with a unique personality. When utilizing the Law of Attraction, it’s important that you learn how to let go of the need to control other people and their choices. You don’t need to control everything to become more prosperous. Instead, begin to trust that you can attract the things you need without having to take them from others.
  • Achievement Number 2: Those with an Achievement Number of 2 are kind, accommodating individuals, but if this is your Number then you may find that you can be shy or easily pushed around. To achieve your goals, learn how to cooperate with other people without necessarily letting their expectations dictate what your choices should be. For you, part of using the Law of Attraction to achieve wealth involves visualizing what you want in your heart of hearts, not the things you have been told you should want.
  • achievement number - loa - numerologyPinAchievement Number 3: If you’re a number 3, you’re likely dynamic, creative and socially vibrant. However, your ability to attract your desires may be inhibited by a slight case of commitment phobia and anxiety about success. People with an Achievement Number of 3 are more likely to become wealthy and successful if they are able to accept that they won’t get it right every time. Focus on drawing positive lessons from your troubles instead of worrying about failure.
  • Achievement Number 4: An achievement number of 4 is strongly linked to a love of following rules and maintaining order. However, with this natural inclination towards rigorous organization comes a skeptical perspective on luck and prosperity. You might believe that the Law of Attraction might work for others, but it won’t work for you! To reach your most significant financial and professional goals, work on being grateful for what happens to you and cultivate a greater degree of open-mindedness.
  • Achievement Number 5: If you have an Achievement Number of 5, your tendency to go to extremes can stand between you and using the Law of Attraction to achieve your dreams. Moderation will help you to achieve greater balance and boost your ability to focus on attracting prosperity, contentment and success.
  • Achievement Number 6: 6 is linked to conscientiousness, but if you have an Achievement Number of 6 then you may find that perfectionism or a desire to be dissociated from the mistakes of others makes you cautious about responsibility. Letting go of perfectionist tendencies is essential if you are to become happier and wealthier. Sometimes, a Number 6 finds that working on compassion leads to a greater amount of compassion being received in return.
  • achievement number - loa - numerologyPinAchievement Number 7: An Achievement Number of 7 signals the analytical, plotting personality of a puppet master. To use the Law of Attraction to its full potential, develop greater levels of patience and faith in the universe. Open yourself up to the possibility of receiving greater bounties and do your best to keep your mind free of negative visualizations (which may be harder for you than it is for people with other Achievement Numbers).
  • Achievement Number 8: When you have an Achievement Number of 8, you might often have wounded pride and feel that people in your life don’t respect you to the degree you deserve. A belief that the universe won’t give you what you deserve will stop you from taking full advantage of the Law of Attraction. Work on trusting that you will get what you need, and try to understand that you don’t need to take recognition by force.
  • Achievement Number 9: Someone with an Achievement Number of 9 is often found buckling under the weight of other people’s problems. While your desire to help others is an admirable trait (and indeed one that can lead to financial prosperity through caring professions), it’s also important to teach others how to utilize your skill set. If you do so, you will create boundless positivity around yourself and begin to attract the things you want most of all.

How To Reach Your Maximum Achievement Potential

As you have seen, each Achievement Number is associated with a set of strengths and challenges. Armed with this knowledge about your own number, you can remove roadblocks to using the Law of Attraction and start to advance down the path towards both spiritual growth and material wealth.

If you’re still not 100% sure what those exact roadblocks are, check out this free quiz.

It was created by our friend Katherine over at and reveals, in just 30 seconds, the #1 reason you have yet to realize your achievement potential and what you need to do to finally get there using the Law of Attraction.


The Numerologist Team

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