Astrology and numerology are becoming more and more popular every day. Learn how these ancient traditions can help you find direction in life.

Cultures across the ages have used some form of horoscopes and numerology to reveal information.

Asking questions about your individual role in the universe is part of human nature. Most people understand that there’s a natural order to things. And they want to believe they fit into that cosmic blueprint somehow.

Some people look for a “quote of the day” to find relief and direction. Others may turn to a psychic reading for clarification in their lives.

According to a 1982 study by psychologist Graham Tyson, people consult astrology in response to stress in their lives, more and more people are turning to numerology horoscopes as a relief for increased daily stress.

American Psychological Association (APA) data from a 2014 survey says that millennials are the most stressed generation. Since stress brings people to astrology, its popularity is at an all-time high. And according to the APA’s 2017 survey, 63% of Americans are even more stressed about the future of their country.

They’re looking for guidance and reassurance in their lives. And numerology can provide that reassurance.

Whether you are looking towards a goal, such as purchasing a home or wondering what the future has in store, numerology horoscopes can help.

Let one of the world’s most long-lived traditions help you gain a sense of direction in life.

What You Need to Know About Numerology Horoscopes

Numerology uses the study of important numbers to glean information about yourself and the future. Your date of birth, birth name, and other significant dates can also tell you about your personality and the innermost you.

In a numerology reading, you look at your core numbers, such as your life path number. This number, in particular, gives you a rough map of your life. But each core number can tell you information about different aspects of yourself.

Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number. Doing simple calculations with the letters of your birth name or birth date can help you gain better insight into who you are.

Numerology readings can give you general predictions and forewarning about events in your life. But nothing is set in stone. That means you always have control over what you will or won’t do in life.

Because you’re always in the driver’s seat, numerology predictions are not pre-destined. They are meant to help give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. You won’t get a play-by-play of what will happen, only the possibilities of what might happen.

Here’s an example. Let’s look at how astrology may affect someone with the life path number 2…

When the Sun moves into different astrological signs it can have a different impact on a person, depending on their life path number. Those with life path number 2 are likely to lead from their intuition and what feels right. It’s one of their natural abilities.

However, Pisces is also a sentimental sign. So, when it makes a solar transition it can amplify a 2’s already heart-led energy. That may mean they take on everybody else’s feelings and goals at the risk of neglecting their own.

So, 2s may feel things very strongly during Pisces season. It’s a great time to create close bonds and get closure from conflicts or misunderstandings. However, 2s will also need to make sure they maintain healthy boundaries and don’t get too caught up in other people’s feelings.

The Right Way to Use a Numerology Horoscope

Before you jump in, there are a few things you need to know:

#1 – Understand What It Is and What It Provides

It’s really important that you understand what numerology is. It’s not a magic crystal ball. Studying the significant numbers in your life can help you understand yourself.

But if you’re looking for definitive answers like “yes” or “no,” it may disappoint you.

Numerology can tell you what your natural talents and abilities are, as well as your instinctual inclinations. It can provide insight into other people’s impressions of you. And it can clue you in to your innermost desires.

The study of numbers can also tell you about the challenges, opportunities, and phases that may come into your life.

#2 – Calculate Core Numbers First

Before you can get an accurate reading, you need to calculate your core numbers first. There are five core numbers in a numerology chart. These are:

  • Life path number
  • Birthday number
  • Expression number
  • Personality number
  • Soul urge number

Each core number gives you information about the different aspects that make up who you are. You can look at the numbers alone, but each one correlates with the others to give you a more accurate picture.

The life path number can tell you about the challenges you may encounter in life. It may also inform you of the opportunities that come your way.

Many people consider this number the most important one in numerology. To find your life path number, you just need your date of birth.

The life path number differs from your birthday number. With that number, which only makes use of the day you were born, you can discover a talent that may impact your life.

Everyone has natural strengths and weaknesses. Your expression number helps you confirm them. Use your full birth name to determine this important number.

The personality number and soul urge number tell you information about yourself from the outside in. Find out what others think of you with the personality number. And you can find out about your innermost self with the soul urge number.

#3 – Read It with an Open Mind

Remember to keep an open mind when you read your numerology or astrology charts. You don’t necessarily need to accept the information presented immediately. But don’t reject it outright, either.

Instead, take some time to contemplate what you learned about yourself. Look within and see if any of the information resonates with you.

Read your numerology horoscope with an open mind

#4 – Know That the Choice Is Still Yours

Numerology is a helpful guide. It can help you make better choices in life – and that may mean improvements, too. But the choices are always yours.

Like any information you learn in life, you can choose to make use of it in any way you wish, or discard it if that suits you.

Many people turn to methods like numerology and astrology without fully understanding them. According to one study by research company Morning Consult, only 19.7% of survey participants actually identified with the personality traits of their sign.

Some people say that they rely on astrology when making decisions. Imagine if you were thinking about purchasing a house. You could check your charts to see what they say.

But it seems that many people don’t even understand what astrology has to say about themselves.

Numerology Horoscopes Can Help – But It Has Limitations

Numerology horoscopes make a great guide, especially during uncertain times. But that’s all they’re meant to be – a guide.

The information you discover can help you make more informed decisions about your life. You can find things out about yourself or the opportunities and challenges in your life. But those things are only possibilities.

It’s important for you to understand that you’re always in control of your own life. So, keep an open mind and discover what the universe has in store for you. But use that information as a tool to create a better life for yourself.

Do you read your daily numerology horoscope? How has it changed your life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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