PinIf you’re new to Numerology, welcome into a world of sacred patterns, archetypes and mysteries revealed!

It can be a daunting journey to embark upon, there is much to learn.  But for you, here, standing at the very beginning, there are just three things you need to know.

These are three of the CORE numbers in your personal numerology chart, and they reveal SO much about you, it’s unreal!

They are:

  • The Life Path Number
  • The Expression Number (sometimes referred to as the Personality, Potential or Destiny Number) and
  • The Soul Urge Number (sometimes referred to as the Soul, Soul Path of Heart’s Desire Number)

Let’s look at each number in turn, then you’ll be able to calculate your own and begin the vital work of decoding the blueprint of your unique and precious life….

What Your Life Path Number Says About You

This is probably the most famous and most important of all the core numbers in numerology.

This is because the Life Path Number contains clear, accurate and dependable information on what your life’s journey will actually look like. It describes the direction your life will take, the challenges you’ll encounter, and the opportunities you’ll meet. It can also reveal many of the innate traits and talents that you were born with, some of which you might not even know you possess!

Unlike many other systems of divination and forecasting, working out your Life Path number doesn’t require complex counting systems or ancient almanacks.  Your Life Path is a simple set of numbers which were chosen by your soul at the moment you incarnated here on planet Earth.  They were encoded then, with the keys to your life’s purpose, yet are so ordinary and familiar they are often overlooked…

If you are intrigued then click the link below for more information about the Life Path Number, how to calculate yours and the Life Path reading of one very special woman…

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What Your Expression Number Says About You

Sometimes referred to as the Destiny Number, this is the second of the core numbers in your personal numerology chart, and contains a great deal of information about your natural talents, abilities and potentials in this lifetime.

Whilst your Life Path Number describes the direction of your journey through life and the most fulfilling route for you to take, the Expression Number centres on what you, uniquely, have to offer to the world.

The Blueprint of Your Potential

The information it contains about your inherent gifts and also your personal shortcomings offers valuable insights into the areas of your personality that, with work and development, could become your greatest strengths. As such, the Expression Number is often said to be the blueprint of your potential.

Once decoded, the Expression Number forms a highly potent portrait of your inherited personal history, up to the moment of your birth.  After this point, it is your choice how your story continues, but you will carry this powerful coding with you, for the entirety of your life.

The “Ideal” Version of You

The Expression is the number that describes the ideal version of you, that can develop and evolve if you make the best possible choices in life.  Some people are often quite daunted when they first calculate their Expression number as usually, the interpretation describes ideals that may seem impossible to attain. Or feelings of disappointment may arise if their Expression interpretation somehow “rings a bell” and they realize that they have been neglecting precious talents and potentials so far in this lifetime. For this reason, one of the huge values of calculating the Expression Number is that it serves as a wake-up call and reveals just how far you have strayed from you’re your true potential.

Especially towards later life, if the ideals coded into their Expression number are left unfulfilled, people often feel empty or depressed no matter how successful they are, in any number of different fields.

So although you may, at first,  find it difficult to live up to the expectations of your Expression number, the reading is almost always a call to action that asks you to live in the here and now face the original ambitions of your heart.

The Expression Number is derived from all of the numbers in your full birth name. Not your married, nickname or pen name: It must be the entire name you were given at birth.

To learn how to calculate your own Expression Number, click the link below…

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birth chart 1PinWhat Your Soul Urge Number Says About You

The Soul Urge is where your core numerology chart becomes really interesting.

Sometimes referred to as the Heart’s Desire, this number contains powerful insights into the deeper you, the eternal you, the you which often remains hidden from the outside world.

Whilst your Life Path Number describes the direction of your journey through life, and your Expression Number reveals your gifts, talents and unique offerings to the world, the Soul Urge puts you back in touch with your essence.

Finding Your Passion

Calculating your Soul Urge number can re-connect you with what really moves you through life, your reason for being and what gives you true fulfilment. This powerful number describes your passions and your fears, the source of your cravings and the hidden motivations behind every move you make in life.  The Soul Urge, quite simply, reveals the guiding force behind what your Soul came here to experience in this lifetime.

Once this number is decoded, life begins to make sense.  Depression and anxiety often lift, as the stirrings of the Soul can be recognized, nurtured, and given the fuel that they need to thrive and find meaning in the world.

The SOUL URGE NUMBER is calculated from the VOWELS in your full birth name.

Just as the breath contains the Spirit that moves through everything, the vowels in your name represent this sacred flow of energy through you.

Click the link below to learn how to calculate your own…

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What Next?

You came here for a reason.

Whether you’re seeking a new career path, on a quest to discover your life’s purpose or looking for a soul mate, numerology is an incredible, ancient tool to help you succeed on your mission.

Use it to rediscover your deepest desires, your innate talents, and what truly drives you in life, and we promise, it will never be the same again!

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