fashion and numerologyPinHave you ever wondered if your sense of fashion has anything to do with your life path number?

Like your career, life purpose, love life, and personality, numerology can be used to analyze why you wear what you wear.

The first step is to calculate your Life Path number if you haven’t already. To do this, you simply add up all the digits in your birthday (Day + Month + Year), and reduce down to a single digit or a Master Number (e.g. 11 or 22).

Once you’ve done that, scroll down to see what numerology has to say about your sartorial tendencies.

Life Path Number 1

You are the born leader so you like to dress like one. This means that if you’re in the corporate world, you’ll go for the nicest suit you can find. You like to look a little formal, even if you’re at a casual event, because it tells people that you are in charge.

It is a big no-no for you to ever look sloppy unless it is in style. You prefer blouses to shirts and fabric pants to jeans unless the jeans are very expensive. Women prefer dresses rather than separates.

While you may spend a lot on clothing, you do not like to appear frivolous. You’ll choose a pair of sensible heels over sky high heels any day.

At the same time you love the lime light, so dressing in bolder colors like red or orange suits you too. However you only like a flash of color in your hosiery or as a scarf.

The 1 energy does not like a lot of jeweler. A watch, earrings, and a tinier pendant work for this sign.

Life Path Number 2 (and Life Path 11)

You like to blend into the background and seem hip to others. You don’t mind buying name brands and following the crowds. You don’t mind paying higher prices if you think you will wear the outfit constantly.

Comfort means more to you than style so sometimes others think you are not that fashionable. You also like well-made practical clothes that are muted in tones. Women 2’s like taupes, ivories and pastels.

If you do dress up, you tend to choose more casual peasant or ethnic styles that do not cost a lot and that are made of natural fibers. No matter what you wear you like to make sure that it allows you plenty of freedom of movement.

You like flat, practical shoes and as you enjoy being athletic, you  may own several running shoes.

You don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry, if you can help it. If you do wear jewelry, your favorite pieces are often inherited.

Life Path Number 3

You are a very expressive individual who loves to wear flamboyant, charming or unusual clothes. A 3 person can almost seem like they are dressing in costume. The men 3’s are dandies and the women really like to tart up their outfits by wearing wild make up as well. You love being stared at by romantic prospects.

When you do relax, however, you’re most likely to go for your favorite pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt. Jeans that are blinged out suit this number as well. This number is also a bit of a shoe fetishist that does not mind spending money on a good pair. The women will try to wear the highest heels they could possibly find comfortable, often with a pair of jeans.

You like to wear one spectacular piece of jewelry that is a conversation piece. You also may be a fan of vintage clothing or jewelry as well.

Life Path Number 4 (and Life Path 22)

You are a methodical, practical individual who likes to dress exactly appropriately no matter what you are doing. You never lack the exact sweater, pair of shoes, scarves or belt needed to wear to an occasion. You like to look neat and “ready to go” from head to toe.

You really like to dress as plainly as possible and then dress up the outfit with scarves, jewelry and other accessories. For women, the one thing you’re most fussy about is the type of purse you carry. It’s got to be practical and organization-oriented.

You like practical footwear in neutral blacks or browns. You are also the sign most voted to wear Tilley style hats or shorts.

You prefer to wear inherited or sentimental pieces of jewelry that look vintage or expensive.

Life Path Number 5

You are the fashion plate of the numerology pantheon and don’t mind wearing trends, odd patterns, or colors ands paisleys. The only caveat is that the item of clothing must suit your active lifestyle.

You hate restrictive or uncomfortable clothing and prefer silks, cottons and other natural fabrics that let your skin breathe. For casual wear, yoga trousers and tops give the 5 style and freedom at the same time.

You are also a social animal who must have all kinds of wonderful clothes in your closet that are ready to wear in case you are invited to a last minute party. The 5 is a number that travels so they also always have a set of suitcases on hand.

The Number 5 also loves glamorous shoes (just like the 3’s) but they will settle for a lower, more comfortable heel. A good walking shoe is also a must for this restless sign that tends towards the athletic side.

This number is also a lover of piercings and can get away with wearing more costume jewelry than the other numbers.

Life Path Number 6

When it comes to style, you like to stay with the tried-and-true clothing styles such as t-shirts and jeans or a skirt and a blazer. You stay away from anything too sexy or too brightly colored. You also will choose comfort over style every time.

When it comes to partying you stick to the basics, preferring a blazer with jeans or a little black cocktail dress, as opposed to anything too trendy or gaudy.

Many sixes spend all of their energy looking after kids, so they tend to dress a little younger than the other numbers. They also could use a good sturdy pair of running shoes and a large backpack or canvas bag to help them carry all of their projects around.

This number wears hardly any jewelery. They do, however, like to put their hair up with interesting looking fasteners. If they do invest in jewelry it is usually a family ring (with birthstones set in it) or a very good quality watch.

Life Path Number 7

This number does not have time for fashion. It’s not because 7s lack class or taste, it’s just that they are usually focused on other things. They prefer loose fitting shirts, skirts and pants that can be just thrown in a washer and dryer. This number is too busy “keeping their eye on the ball” to focus on fashion.

If this number does go out to a big function they tend to choose outlandish or vintage outfits that assert their individuality. Another quirk of a 7 is being underdressed for a formal event and overdressed for a casual event.

If they do dress up, the 7 prefers to be in vintage clothing. The women prefer simple dresses and the males like very simple retro suits. If it looks iconic, a 7 will wear out.

However, for the most part this number does not really care about fashion. They like wearing their housecoats and slippers all day. Many prefer bare feet. They are not fussy about their shoes as long as they fit.

The seven likes religious jewelry or jewelry that is highly unusual like titanium or wood rings. They also like the rite of passage of getting a tattoo.

Life Path Number 8

You love power and it is important for you to “dress the part.” In fact, your desire to look perfect can have you spending way too much money on clothing.

The 8 likes to dress in a classic way wearing clothing designed by the more well-known brands. The women like to wear dress pants more often than the other numbers.

When it is time to socialize the Life Path 8 really knows how to do it up. The men look great in state of the art Italian suits or real tuxes and the women know how to gracefully wear a gown. Even when vacationing, this number is impeccably put together with just the right footwear or bag.

In terms of shoes, the 8 will only wear the best quality leather.

The women must have that perfect strand of pearls and the men must have a nice watch. This sign sees jewels as status symbols. A good gift for a female 8 is a diamond tennis bracelet or an eternity ring.

Life Path Number 9

The 9 is usually a naturally attractive person who looks best naked. They do not really need to spend a lot of money on clothes because they look good in anything.

This is a spiritual and romantic number that loves free flowing, graceful clothes and natural fabrics. The man is more likely to wear a loose top or wear his shirt open, while the woman is likely to enjoy wearing ethnic or traditional clothing. For more formal occasions both numbers like linen or cotton.

The 9 is a humanitarian and likes to wear clothes that are environmentally-friendly and made ethically. They are willing to pay more in order to do this. They also have a tendency to be a bit slovenly because they are so creative.

The 9 also needs to wear practical footwear because they are so active. Designer running shoes are a good choice for this number, who likes to walk.

The 9 loves gemstones and jewelry and is usually draped in rings, earrings, necklaces and piercings. They feel naked without any on.