How does numerology get its substance and the ability to intuit and describe people and situations? Have you ever wondered, on the deepest level, how we retrieve insight from numbers, and even where this information is all gained?

Following on from my last article, about the continual journey through the never ending spiral of numbers from 1 – 9, your personal number story and its over-arching meaning is derived from how the numbers reference to each other (i.e. the placing of the number) and through their actual visual representation (i.e. their shape).

A visual language

It’s the look of the number shape that conveys its deeper significance to us, and this is what makes up the language of numerology. A numerologist reads these numbers, and deeper still, interprets how things appear with a collection of numbers, as analysed altogether. It’s totally fascinating, and I am going to offer you some insights into the symbolic connotations of each number so that you can understand more about how your number begins to describe your personality, or your pattern of typical behaviour. Of course, the more numbers from your chart you know, the easier it will be to a more intricate picture of yourself.

Use your life path number or work it out!

There are many important numbers in numerology, but the king of them all and the most widely calculated one is your Life Path Number. Simply add your entire date of birth until you reach a single digit. This number represents your general overarching personality, ambitions, and how you present yourself to the world.

Example: 12th March 1982 = 1+2+3+1+9+8+2=26 ;  2+6=8. You are a number 8!  However because these descriptions are referencing the meaning behind the number all universal number symbols, you can apply the descriptions to any important areas where you find these numbers in your life, because the energy will be sure to be the same.

1-numerologyThe number 1 personality:

We can see why this number represents independence in numerology, because of its vertical and direct pose. The shape is the most clean and straight out of all the numbers 1 – 9, and can be likened to a tower or a pillar. This is why people with this life path are often unwavering and forthright. The phrase, “warrior” is often thought of in line with this number because there is a lot of going solo here.

If this is your path, you are learning to be strong and stand your ground, making your own confident stance like the upright symbol. Furthermore leadership and management of self and others is common place. There is simplicity and a beauty to the shape and to those of you who own it. However things can get stark sometimes without the connection with others, because there is no bending, curves or circles in sight, this may lend you to seeking those type of people out so you can experience a different energy for a time. Number one and seven often get on well, however.

2-numerologyThe number 2 personality:

At number two, we begin to see more movement in shape. The position here is one of grounding but also feeling. The solid base which touches the floor, gives people with this path a solid earthy personality, yet an ability to be open and welcoming. People will like this balance within you and can depend on you for being dependable and sensible.

The curve, upward and around is where the sensitive element derives from and this also provides balance to the shape. This also makes a hook shape at the top, which can indicate co-dependency if not careful, because there is a thin line between the desire to help and to become overly attached. You are both straight and curvy, here is a great opportunity to be harmonious, and peace is often referenced in line with this path. The only other number which is straight and curvy like you is the number 5. However the five symbol, is less grounded and a little more flighty, with a round bottom. Your opening is upward, leaving you heartfelt but with things rooted on terra firma.

3-numerologyThe number 3 personality:

The symbol three is the most expressive from all of the numbers, and this is why numerologists speak about it being an emotional and creative number. There is great revelation here, with the shape portraying two openings. It is, for the most part, the curviest image depicted in our number journey, and because of this there is a fun and frivolous side to people who have this path. The billowy, half circles are visually appealing and this is why people who hold this number position are very magnetic in some way.

People may often remark on how attractive, light, or enticing you are; hence the large friend group you may have, or maybe the occasional, possessive follower who has become obsessively attached to you!? However if this is your number you may equally feel insecure about the level of openness and sensitivity you possess, and you will have to learn how to balance your deep feelings.

4-numerologyThe number 4 personality:

Coming from the curviest number, to a number with the straightest lines! If this is your life path position, then you will be matter of fact and all business. The symbol of four is serious, practical and when we draw the shape we use precision. This number has also been referenced to convey creation itself. With a triangle contained, there is power and strength which can be conveyed through you. The place you seek refuge is in your middle, at the centre of the triangle, making you quite a fixated and focused individual.

The keyword here is order and the purpose is toward stability. However if we look closer at the symbol, there is a lot riding on one leg; there is a top heavy aspect to the crossed lines, so if careful attention to detail is not paid, then those of you with this number may experience a crumbing or breaking down of things until the lines can become balanced again.

5-numerologyThe number 5 personality:

I spoke a little about the number five earlier, in reference to number 2 because they share some similarity, however they are equally different. The five symbol is straight at the top, conveying ability toward a sharp and quick mind, but there is a curvy bottom which rests on the ground. This suggests that there is a need for playfulness and experience.

If this is your number then you are a mixture, like the number 2, between practicality and frivolity. You may actually be a little unpredictable because you are somewhat oppositional. The top of this symbol almost carves out a backward curve, yet it is straight. This is often why I see the number 3’s and 5’s hang out together, or pair up in relationships, because there is an almost similarity here. You may need to honour conflicting aspects of yourself to keep from becoming irrational or confused. Furthermore if there was a middle to the numbers 1-9, you would be it, so you may feel like an uneven fulcrum point, trying to balance the past with the future and wondering which best decisions to make.

6-numerologyThe number 6 personality:

Here she is! I say she, not to offend any men with the number 6 path, but to present the most obvious and central aspect of this symbol, which is the curvaceous, luscious lines of love. The position here is completely rounded, like the number 9 turned upward, which creates a difference I shall get to in the 9 description. Anyone who possesses this position will be caring, full of affection and offering warmth to those closest. I call this the “huggy” number, if you want good hugs then seek out a number 6.

There is an image of the pregnant lady here, with a full circle at the base, this depicts birth and the ability to nurture and create. However if this is your path, then, because of the closed circle, your dutiful concerns and generosity will stretch to those closest, and not often to the outer reaches of the community, because there is an “inner circle thing” going on. Equally the roundness touches the floor, meaning you are more grounded and concerned with everyday matters and people in your hub.

7-numerologyThe number 7 personality:

Akin to the number four, but not quite, this number has been associated with mysticism and spirituality. However the straight lines, also suggest rationality. If you have this number as your own, then you are contemplative and meaningful in all that you do. There is simplicity to you, as seen in the two simple lines that make up this shape. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity though, because this often holds the most wisdom.

The top line depicts a base in the ether and in thought. This suggests, the grounding here is in the head. There is openness to your position and this is why the need for solitude of inner retreat can be common for people of this path. You will retire to where there is most grounding and this is in your mind. All of your work and growth is done in this sphere. You are a handsome shape and need to watch out that you don’t become big-headed or too assured of your judgements and thought out logic, because sometimes it isn’t all that realistic after all.

8-numerologyThe number 8 personality:

The sense of power that is often associated with the number eight, is often conveyed through a metamorphosis into the eternity symbol, once laid on its side. Although I said that number 3 was the most curvy, number 8 has the most circles, and if the six and nine symbols convey “bellies of birth”, then the number 8 has two; twins! No wonder we numerologists speak of abundance when we reference this number.

This is a methodical and mirroring shape, and if this is your path, you will be both relaxed but also withholding in some way. This is normal because the circles you possess are enclosed and permit you to protect your sensitivity. Once you have managed to balance your potential for goodies and that attractive shape of yours then you will reap the rewards of confidence.  When you are in the zone there should be fluidity to your progression which helps you to develop steady charisma and authority that should not be abused.

9-numerologyThe number 9 personality:

Finally we reach the end of the line. As I suggested within the number 6 description, these two numbers hold a unifying thread, and often they make good friends or partners, however the symbol of nine has the circle pointed toward the sky. Just like the number 6, this path is caring, and very warm, but the emphasis is on the wider community. There is more of an idealistic and head based concern for others. This is seen by the globe reaching the heavens.

Although number 9 is our ending, it marks another birth. People with this number, as well as being deeply giving, can also be sad or filled with wisdom that they don’t always know what to do with. You want to leave your mark, and so you your efforts of kindness may reach outward toward humanity. The top-heavy, womb within this symbol suggests a readiness for new birth and change, leading us all the way back to the number one again.

11-22-numerologyThe master number personalities:

In relation to the master number life paths, 11, 22, and 33, you simply need to read the 1, 2, or 3 descriptions, however the single digit path also has some relevance to your personality. So in addition read the 2, 4 and 6 segments. Master number personalities are heightened aspects of that particular shape, because you have two of the same number; there is an opportunity for double the impact; however this can also mean double the growth lessons.

Thanks for reading, let me know what insights this article has opened up for you?

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond MA

Hanna Ehlers – Bond is a psychotherapist and numerologist. She’s helped thousands of people through personal coaching, events and her YouTube channel, to enrich and empower their lives. Utilizing her psychology training, along with a passion for numerology, she’s formed a unique life review model. Along with other holistic tools, this type of road map is used to assist people with self-development and motivation. Hanna also specializes in ME/CFS recovery, after having experienced crippling chronic illness for four years. Find out more at

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