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One of the highlights of 2016 is the exciting Aquarius NEW Moon!

Nearly EVERY planet is activated by the Sun and Moon! And it’s all happening in the powerful 11 Universal Month of February!

This is a major portal of new beginnings.

Plus –the New Moon also ushers in another new beginnings celebration: Chinese NEW Year!

With the New Moon at 19° Aquarius on a 19 Universal Date (2.8.2016 = 19), the New Beginnings factor is even more magnified. 19, the “Prince of Heaven” number, is about shining your inner Light, continuing a very important storyline that began with the 19:19 New Moon code on January 9.

To add to the powerful shift, this exciting, breakthrough New Moon takes place on February 8 – the number of infinity.

Infinite resources and infinite opportunities await you now!

Aquarius speaks to your natural state of FREEDOM.

So break through what’s keeping you stuck between a rock and a hard place – release any habit, any idea of what should be, any feelings you’ve boxed up and hidden. Reveal what’s inside the box, let it unfold naturally, air it all out in the open and let it take flight… transparent, visible.

You are lifting off by lightening up.

You are refueling with a NEW source of energy – the true infinite Light within you.

Have a blessed, spectacular Aquarius New Moon!

Love and Abundant Blessings,


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