New Moon of Abundance (Feb 18, 2015) Welcomes The Age of Aquarius

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Key to freedomAn extraordinary New Moon awaits us on February 18 – the final of five consecutive New Moons at the Zero Point of 00 degrees.

Even more amazing is that this fifth pivot point New Moon is literally hovering on the final minute of Aquarius and the first moment of Pisces.

A New Moon on the razor’s edge!

By activating the zero-point between Aquarius and Pisces – we are being invited to release the Piscean Age and welcome the New Age of Aquarius.

In astrological ages, we are moving “backwards” in the zodiac – from Pisces into Aquarius. However, the planets and Sun move through the zodiac “forwards”, so from Aquarius to Pisces. This New Moon sits right no the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. This pivot point between the two signs that represent the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius is also reflected as a major shift of endings and new beginnings in the numerology code. This is why the onset of our New Age into Aquarius feels so real at this time.

In short, we are pivoting between worlds, transitioning between dimensions…

The Astro-Numerology code speaks to major endings and new beginnings on ALL levels, and in 2015 – the year of “Awakened Wealth Consciousness” – any internal shift makes room for Abundance!

So at this final 00 New Moon Moment in a 10/1 Universal Month, there is no turning back.

I invite you to see for yourself.

Watch your Aquarius/Pisces New Moon Forecast Video here:

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Please share how this special New Moon is creating an internal shift within you. Drop me a note below on how you are making room for joy and fulfillment in your life.

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