Everything in the natural world moves in a constant cycle of expansion and contraction. The seasons go from summer to winter, the tide moves in and out. As we see it in the sky the Moon is in this same constant cycle of waxing and waning – growing until it reaches its bright full circle, and then waning until it’s fully dark.

We each individually go through the same growth cycles as the natural world does. We experience new things as we grow and learn. Then, life slows down, and we find ourselves letting go of what no longer serves us. We instinctively contract in order to make room for our next cycle of expansion, and the cycle repeats.

The Moon has more of a direct influence on our natural cycle of expansion and contraction than any other force in nature. This is because the Moon is so connected to our emotions, our energy, and our spirit.

Lunar energy is feminine, receptive, and magnetic. The Moon has a similar “magnetic pull” on our emotions as it does on the tides. As the Moon grows, it influences our emotions and spirit to move outward, to expand, and to grow. As it wanes, it calls us to look within, to ask ourselves what we need to release from our lives that we have now outgrown.

PinIn spellwork, we can best utilize the Moon’s powerful influence by doing spells that time our own natural cycle with that of the Moon. A great time to do spells in order to manifest things, for instance, is when the Moon is in its growth phase, or when it is waxing. A great time to do spells for release of anything that no longer serve us is when the moon contracts, or is waning.

Below is a list of the phases of the Moon, the influence each phase has on our emotions, and the best way to utilize the Moon’s magical energy during each phase.

New Moon

This is the very beginning of the Moon’s cycle.

You may feel renewed and excited about the fresh possibilities ahead, or perhaps you might feel a bit uneasy about the unknown path ahead. The new moon offers a fresh start, and is the best time for dreaming and planting seeds for what you wish to see manifest in your life.

This is a powerful time for setting your intentions for what you wish to bring in, or create in your life. It is also a perfect time to begin new projects.

Waxing Moon

This phase is the ideal time for taking action in the direction of our dreams.

You may feel determined at this time, and full of energy! The energy of this time can help to motivate you to take action toward building your dream. Do spellwork that supports your manifestations and the projects you’re working on at this time.

Full Moon

The day of the Full Moon is the most magically potent day of the month.

The Moon is shining in its full power, and you can feel it. You may feel magically enchanted at this time! Intuition, spirituality, and magick are particularly heightened at this time. It is the time of harvest, of completion, and of celebration. You can do spells for either manifestation or release, as you bask in the glow of your inner harvest, and prepare to begin a new cycle.

PinWaning Moon

This is the time of energetic pruning and release.

You may feel quite exhausted, like you need extra sleep. It is a great time for practicing self-care and slowing down. Eliminating energy or experiences we have outgrown is the goal now, so spells aimed at releasing or banishing are especially powerful during this phase.

Dark Moon

This is the time just before the New Moon, when the moon has fully waned in the sky.

It is a time for reflection, divination and relaxation. This is a great time to refresh and replenish your energy before the next waxing phase. The Dark Moon is also a powerful time for magic related to closure, or bringing things full circle.

PinFrom New to Full, to Dark and back to New again, the never-ending cycle of the Moon influences our emotions and our spirit, creating bountiful opportunities to truly enhance our spellwork and live our most magical lives!

Love and Blessings,
Sirena Moon