March 2015 Wealth Forecast – How Will This 11 Universal Month & Full Moon Affect You

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march 20 spring horoscopeWelcome to the spectacular, intense and life-changing month of March, 2015!

What a stunning series of Astrology and Numerology events are coming together during this 11 Universal Month of Double New Beginnings.

Whenever the “Master Number” 11 portal is active, you are inspired to elevate your vision of the future. Walking through 11 gateway is a strong invitation to find your own truth, to release knowledge borrowed by others, to end division and indecision, and to really LISTEN to your inner voice.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights:

On March 5 a powerful Abundance Activation occurs as the FULL Moon triggers a highly fortunate Grand Trine while touching on every planet in the heavens!
A sacred “Finger of God” is formed by the Sun, Neptune and Pluto with the “finger” pointing directly at Jupiter – bringer of joy, abundance and fortunate expansion.
Pluto and Uranus meet for the 7 grand culmination and release of an intense three-year period.
Coinciding with the first day of Spring on March 20 (Autumn below the equator) is an incredible Total Solar Eclipse in the final 29th degree of Pisces…

The result? March is an invitation to step into true fulfillment – an invitation you can’t refuse…

So breathe, connect to serenity, and take one day at a time.

You are BIRTHING something beautiful and profound.

For the complete and in-depth forecast, watch your new March video here:

Be sure to share with your family and friends, so they can understand why the energy this month is bringing sweeping change and joyful renewal.

Have a wonderful month of March!

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Please share how this incredible month of March is helping you to experience big breakthroughs. Drop me a note below on how you’re releasing and making room for abundance and new discoveries.

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