Once a year, the Sun moves into the water sign of Pisces and it’s here that its journey around the zodiac ends.

Pisces comes last.

It contains an essence of all the signs which have come before it, and so is also charged with the important tasks of integration and closure. Pisces is a strong sign of flux, transition and adaptation, so when the Sun transits this sign, and our life force also aligns with the ending of a long astrological cycle (and the near beginning of anther) we’re all encouraged to develop and express these qualities of change too.

But how Pisces energy affects you personally depends on a whole heap of other factors – from your own astrology and transiting planets, to the core numbers in your numerology chart.

If you know your Life Path number, this is a really good place to start – so here’s a rundown of what Pisces Season means for each Life Path Number, and how you, personally, can navigate this water-fuelled mutable energy with ease.

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Life Path 1

Your path needs you to be a pioneering figure.

You’re somebody who looks ahead and forges a new route to get there, and whilst Pisces is a creative and visionary sign, this solar transit is encouraging you to slow down a little.

Take some time over the next four weeks, to think about the last 12 months of your life, your challenges and your successes, and how you got to where you are now. This could be difficult, it goes against your natural urge to propel yourself forwards, but indulging in this kind of deep Piscean reflection could be enormously helpful for you!

Pisces is a deeply intuitive sign, so this solar transit will strengthen and activate your inner psychic.
Trust yourself this month.
Yours is a life path which can sometimes tumble into self-doubt so use the powerful energy of Pisces to dig deep and call on your inner strength. You have it, so prove it to yourself and lead from your heart.

Life Path 2

You path needs you to tread softly, sensitively and with huge amounts of compassion.

You’re somebody who leads from intuition and what feels most right (not jut for you, but for everybody else too) and Pisces is a sign which shares a lot of these sentiments. It lends a dreamy, instinctual and heart-led energy so this solar transit aligns closely with your own natural urges and the way you, as a Life Path 2, see the world.

Be careful that you don’t become too passive over the next month. It’s likely that your own empathic qualities will be amplified, so don’t loose yourself, don’t take on everybody else’s feelings and agendas and neglect your own, you still have work to do!
But on the other hand, Pisces season is a great time for you to forge the close emotional bonds that you crave, because everyone around you is also being fuelled by such soulful, accepting and open-hearted energy.

You have a deep desire to see justice and fairness prevail. Pisces season is often a good time to straighten up and bring closure to any mix-ups, misunderstandings or conflict, so if you need to, use this next month to put to bed any overdue disagreements once and for all.

This is a season for you to make friends, find love and share it with everyone you know!

Life Path 3

Your path needs you to express yourself and make art out of whatever you touch.

You’re somebody who loves to play with ideas and try new things, and whilst Pisces is a soulfully creative sign, this solar transit is encouraging you to channel your focus.

Whilst you feel most alive when you’re juggling a myriad of different projects all at once, Pisces Season invites reflection and closure. Take some time over the next four weeks, to consider what is really serving you long term.

Where are you leaking energy on projects that are going nowhere?

Where are you getting distracted and scattering your attention between too many things?


And then try choosing just one or two things to devote yourself to this month. Complete and close them down, and you will release SO much fresh energy when the new zodiacal cycle begins in March!

Pisces is also an incredibly musical sign, so this is a wonderful season for you to play with this art – listen, make and create using sound and rhythm, because your life Path is a well of creative juices that it’s your duty to tap!

Life Path 4

Your path needs you to be practical.

You’re a maker, somebody who’s rooted here in this world and is determined to build it into a better one! But because Pisces is such a water-based, flowing and sometimes intangible sign, during this solar transit you can feel especially ungrounded and wobbly.

It’s a season of change and transition and by its nature, an unstable time, so it will be very important for you over the next month, to surrender some control and trust in the bigger picture.

Spend time with your family and your friends. Find constancy in the people around you and the rhythms of life.

Do practical things with your hands – craft, make art, do home improvements or car-repairs, or whatever you can to connect with the physical world – it’s where you feel safe.

Pisces is also a sign of deep familial and ancestral healing, and this is one of the missions of your path. So if you find opportunities to dig into your past, clear out old wounds and make new connections then Pisces season is an ideal time for you to do this work.

Life Path 5

Your path needs you to adapt and find adventure.

You’re somebody who needs variety and change to feel complete, so if life feels like it’s standing still for too long, you start looking for escape!

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means it’s adaptable, and shifts and changes according to the environment, people, circumstances and whatever else is going on. So the energy of this season, and your own 5 Life Path are in a supportive alignment this month!

Pisces encourages surrender to the wider mysteries of nature, the world and life itself and you know how this feels, in fact, this is you! So if you need to make any changes this month, if you’re asked to adapt, then you will. But on the other hand, the dreamy, drifting nature of Pisces season means that commitment can be difficult, and for you, it’s more difficult than most.

Try to honour your arrangements this month.

Try not to let people down.

The shifting sands of this watery-time may cause new and exciting opportunities to pop up in your world, but do consider the fallout if your plans end up shifting too.

Life Path 6

Your path needs you to care and create a warm, safe sanctuary for those you love.

You’re a creative home-maker (in every sense) and the keeper of containers for love and witness.

Pisces is all about flow. So for those on a 6 Life Path, this season, can either be a match made in heaven, as you create the boundaries for this surging Piscean energy, OR it will burst over your edges, and chaos ensues!

Over the next month, you must learn to judge when to stand firm and when to bend. When to hold your standards high and when to surrender your perfectionist tendencies.

Your deeply nurturing qualities will be amplified by Pisces season. This sign is so caring and compassionate, so when the Sun transits here, we are all fuelled by this same energy. You must be careful not to give too much, and end up depleting and exhausting your own resources. This is always an important lesson for the Life Path 6, but now it’s especially strong.

One of your gifts is your creativity, but you often hold it back. Pisces Season is a great time to to unleash your artistic potential so try spending this month experimenting with new, creative ways to express yourself.

Life Path 7

Your path needs you to discover the innermost working of things.

You’re somebody who loves to experiment and enquire, and whilst Pisces is a wonderfully limitless sign, this season could make you feel a little too lost as you navigate the month.

It will be important for you to take some time to create your own structure and rhythm – a routine, a project or boundaries to work within. This way, you’ll get the most done and avoid drifting on the sea of daydreams that this season often brings!

Pisces season can feel very ungrounded, so spend enough time in nature, connecting to the real, tangible, material world. This will also prevent you overthinking, and help to bring you back into your body, something you struggle with, and which may be exacerbated by this Pisces ingress.

On the positive side, this is a great time to connect with people and form loving emotional bonds. Pisces is full of compassion, kindness and caring, so if you ever feel detached from those around you, this month will help you to connect in an authentic and heart-felt way!

Life Path 8

Your path needs you to push through challenges and succeed!

You’re somebody who loves to take the reins and forge your own route, and whilst Pisces is a fearless sign, this solar transit is encouraging you to slow down, gather and unify.

Pisces Season invites reflection and closure. Take some time over the next four weeks, to consider where you are putting your energy – where you are building the new and where you are fighting the old.

Try to rise to any challenges that matter, meet them, learn from them and close them down.

Try to release any others which are not worth the fight to you.

Once Aries season begins next month, you will be bursting with the fresh energy of new perspectives!

One more thing to note: The watery essence of this solar transit risks tipping you into melancholy if you show any signs of playing the victim. So try to be strong, and feel your power this month, even if you don’t use it!

Life Path 9

Your path needs you to express, teach and surrender all that you have learnt.

You’re somebody who has lived a lot of lives and gained a lot of wisdom: the 9 Life Path comes at the very end of this numerical cycle, so you share a lot in common with Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac.

As such, your energy aligns closely with this season, but this also means that your challenges do! So your main concern over the next four weeks is to look at what needs releasing from your life, and then actually let it go.

If you rise to the challenge, this time of endings could be incredible for you! So take some time to reflect on your life, your spaces, environments, and where you spend your time and energy.

What no longer fits?

What uses more energy than it brings in?

Let it go.

Pisces season also reminds us that we’re unified as a collective, so whatever changes you make over this time, you will be making for the good of all! This is your time to work!

Life Path 11

Your path needs you to embrace your uniqueness.

You’re somebody who needs to trust your instincts and follow your fire, and Pisces season is a really great time to develop the self-trust and reliance that you need.

Listen closely to your inner guidance system over the next four weeks. Connect to your spirit guides and angels, and try to remember and record your dreams – Pisces rules the astral planes so this is your opportunity to access and activate these parts of your world.

If you’re seeking answers or want to know where you should be aiming for next in life, then now is the time to ask the questions. Your psychic abilities are powerful, and Pisces season will make them even more so!

Or you may find the answers you need through being creative – don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. Pisces is boundless, so let yourself feel free!

When the Sun transits Pisces, we are all fuelled by this healing, unifying energy and those on an 11 Life Path are recognized most of the time, as carrying this healing quality within. So don’t be surprised if others are drawn to you this month, asking you for advice, support, or just needing to be in your presence!

Life Path 22

Your path needs you create and build from the heart!

You’re somebody who needs to feel both connected to the spirit world and rooted here in the physical, so it’ll be vital for you over the next four weeks to find balance.

Pisces will enhance the intuitive, inner knowing that is your guiding light, but this solar season may cause you to feel even more ungrounded than you usually do.

Spend a LOT of time out in nature over this time. Stabilize your body and mind by connecting with the natural world and walking, hiking, gardening and cultivating the land around you. By actually involving yourself with the sounds, sights and textures of the world and making this an embodied experience, you’ll help stop your energy becoming scattered.

At the other end of the spectrum of this master number, lies the power of your connection to Spirit, and Pisces season is a really great time to put this into practice. Follow your instincts, your inner knowing and your personal truth. Strengthen the connection you have to this hidden, dream-world by listening to the voice which speaks to you from within, and following what it teaches.

Now is the time to build a foundation of self-trust and strength by letting go (in true Pisces fashion!) of all that does not support your personal growth.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to navigate this solar transit!

Are you feeling the Piscean waters wash over you already?

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