This is for the Mystics… We See You


For the woman whose whole life has been a quest of discovery yet, she still has more questions than answers.

For the woman who journeys through all the realms there are, from evenings on the astrals to mornings at the museums, searching for the meaning that will make her finally understand what it’s all about… We see your yearning, your need to peel back another layer, dig down to a deeper depth. We see you walking the never-ending spiral of personal growth, to find that inner wisdom.

For the woman who stays up with the stars, reading books by the Moonlight: she still prefers turning pages to scrolling a screen. For the woman who isn’t afraid to get lost in a world of words and ideas and imagination… And is equally easy with facts and figures and left-brain logic. The woman with a kind heart and a sharp mind, who understands that both are valid and both are needed to make sense of this crazy and beautiful world.

This is for the woman who flies halfway around the globe because something in her intuitive gaze told her to go …and for the woman who can’t. So she stays at home in devotion to the life she’s already created, willingly or not.

For the woman who knows she belongs here, and the woman who somehow, feels there must be somewhere else that would probably feel a lot more like home, than this place.

We see you doing it all alone, thinking that’s the way it needs to be, thinking this race is a solo sprint and everyone else is already ahead…
When really, we’re all in it together.
We feel the weight of the search on your shoulders, and we know that is doesn’t need to be carried on by you on your own. Let’s go halves.

For the woman who doubts herself. When everyone else’s ideas and opinions can somehow be trusted much more than you trust your own voice. Because to go there and listen in deeply, in silence and stillness is sometimes the very last place that you want to spend time (and think that you’ll actually find what you’re looking for).

For the woman who dares.
And the woman who can’t yet… but will.

This is for the woman who will not stop seeking.
Because life is a journey and once you stop asking the question about where to go next, well, you may as well not even be here. We see you, with a smile on your lips and hope in your heart….
And we want you in our world.