This is for the Freedom Seekers… We See You


For the woman with a wild heart who yearns for more.

For the woman who rides horseback on the beach in her dreams, and wakes up with sand between her toes.

For the woman who isn’t frightened of change. We see you, feeling most alive when you’re standing on the edge, that cliff edge of transformation where a leap of faith has become the only available option. Because the path that’s been walked and worn away by so many other wanderers, just won’t take you where you need to go this time around.

This is for the woman who forges her own way.
And not because you desire to be different, but because your journey through life is based purely on trust. We too feel your implicit, Goddess-given knowledge that the flow of life is greater than us all, so to travel where this flow takes you is the path of least resistance.

But this is also for the women who can’t throw it all to the wind, even though that’s what she’d love to do more than anything. Because she has mouths to feed and babes to wake up for in the night. We see your calm, unruffled façade and we feel that surging, swell of desire that you keep hidden away inside. So instead of running away, you find freedom in your words and escape in the stories you tell your children. Because somewhere deep inside your heart, and your searching, never-ending quest for self-improvement (and however much it hurts) you know that’s where you’ll find true liberation.

This is for the woman who doesn’t need wining and dining, penthouse suites or first class air travel. You know the adventure comes from the tiny, unexpected chance meeting, the “yes” to a changed plan, and the stolen evening that could have so easily slipped through the gap in the calendar.

This is for the woman who isn’t afraid of freefalling.

She doesn’t curse the rain when it falls unexpectedly. Because those times when you feel it dripping on your skin, are when you feel most alive.

This is for the woman who doesn’t fear the unknown. But knows that the uncharted realms go as far within the body and soul as they stretch around the globe.

We see you, with a smile on your lips and hope in your heart….
And we want you in our world.