Lady Gaga and Her Numbers

By August 21, 2013Numerology

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has made herself world famous through shocking performances and avant-garde fashion. She is a powerhouse of artistic expression who has won the hearts of millions with her uniqueness and aura of confidence. What was it that gave this young artist the electric charge she needed to shine so bright? Was Lady Gaga “Born This Way”? And if so, can Numerology reveal the secret behind the way she was born?

Lady Gaga’s Numbers

5 1 9 61 5 1 5 9 1 5 1 6 1
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
12 6 5 1 55 57 3 5 7 94 5 2 2
Soul Urge = 56 = 5+6 = 11
Personality = 74 = 7+4 = 11
Expression = 22
We’ll also use her birthday as a means to determine her Achievement and Lifepath numbers.
March 28, 1986
28 = 10 = 1 (birthday)
3+28 = 31 = 4 (achievement)
31+1986 = 2017, 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1 (Lifepath)

Using her birth name, both the Soul Urge and Personality numbers are the Master Number 11 – this makes her obsessively results oriented, and she is determined to get those results in an inspiring, innovative, shocking, out-of-the box way. The two 11’s are extreme enough on their own, but adding them together, the Expression becomes the Master Number 22; this is a combination of factors that is uncommon, unusual and extremely powerful. There is very little she will stop at in order to achieve her ambitions, and the public is more willing to follow her lead than not; this is a sign of someone who cannot be ignored.

1 7 1 1 = 10 = 1
Lady Gaga
3 4 7 7 = 21 = 3

As Lady Gaga, she has 10/1 as a Soul Urge and 21/3 as a Personality Number, making a 4 Expression for her “Everyday Name”, or the name most people know her by.

A Closer Look

The 1 Soul Urge means she is innovative, original, and ambitious. “Fame Monster” is only the half of it, with that 1 being tuned to her LifePath and Birthday vibrations. The 3 Personality is a sign that she is expressive, creative, social and entertaining.

We see this in her work, as shown through her costumes, stage settings, performances, branding, and inclusiveness; she is not afraid, like Madonna and others, to directly appeal to (and support) the gay community, as well as dancers everywhere.

She can suffer wellness issues due to putting too much stress on her body by working too hard; we Numerologists see this sign in her everyday name’s Expression and the Achievement Number – both of which have the physical and limiting vibration 4 as their symbols.

It should be noted that there is no 8 in her inclusion table, which studies the dominance of numbers in the name. The absence of vibration 8 shows that she really doesn’t care about money. With seven 1’s (leadership and success oriented) and eight 5’s (adventure seeking and freedom loving) it’s “making a difference” that she really cares about. She has proclaimed that she is obsessed with fame, shock, and world change. With all those 5’s, she is sure to lead the pack, and with all those 1’s, she’ll do it on her own terms, in her own time.

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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