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jupiter trine uranus freedomHours after Sunday’s Summer Solstice, an inspirational gift in the heavens blesses us with tremendous opportunities and joy!

Today Jupiter and Uranus are forming an exact trine in the fire signs of Aries and Leo.

This is the final of three meetings, which began last September.

However, the other two exact trines occurred during the intense influence of Pluto-Uranus squaring each other. That three-year challenge has been rapidly dissipating.

This final meeting culminates without all the previous tenseness and turmoil.

You’re breathing easier now.

You feel lighter, more open.

So now the planet Uranus has been freed to bring breakthroughs with a wonderful expectation of hope.

This is delightful, positive energy!

What To Expect In The Coming Weeks

An exact trine between the planets, Jupiter (Joy) and Uranus (your inner genius), creates windfalls and sudden fortunate changes. Jupiter expands opportunities and Uranus opens your mind to welcome surprising AHA moments.

The result: powerful, positive breakthroughs that shift your life forever.

You feel a lightness of being.

You’re feeling GOOD, just because.

Freedom, Joy, Creativity and exciting Visions of the Future are bubbling up within you.

22 & 20: Partnerships & Peace

What’s more, the exact moment that this third and final celestial meeting happens is profound.

It occurs on June 22 at 20 degrees Aries (Uranus) and 20 degrees Leo (Jupiter).

20 is the number of partnerships and peace. 22 is a master number of peace, a symbol of everything culminating full circle.

The emphasis of number 2 in 20 degrees and June 22 brings your life into balance. This is happening through your intimate, close relationships, partnerships and friendships.

How you are relating, is shifting in a big, beautiful way.

You are listening (within and without) with joyous expectation.

You are hearing with acute awareness, considering all sides and enabling tremendous breakthroughs in communication.

20 adds an element of divine inspiration to your deepest friendships.

Who is intimately part of your life right now? You are creating magic with those people who are closest to you.

Open your eyes to any opportunities to relate on a deeper, more joyous level.

Today’s Jupiter-Uranus is truly inspirational.

You will carry the joy and positive expectant energy in your heart for weeks and months to come.

Be completely in love with what brings you JOY.

Love and Blessings,


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