Now this is a TRUE STORY! 

I opened the AOK Healing Centre in June 2016 and in the same month I launched my AOK Online Academy. It was a huge month if I say so myself.  A business coach told me that there was no way I would be able to pull it off! LOL what would she know!

Setting up the center was a huge learning curve and a huge financial commitment too as you could imagine and a holiday was the furthest thing from my mind.

However: one day unexpectedly one of my former students Annie walks into my shop and brightly says “So are you going to Doreen Virtues final Angel Intuitive Course in Hawaii in 3 weeks’ time!”

PinI said “what do you mean?”  I had no idea that it was her final US course.  Annie proceeds to say “you should go!” and smiles and smirks in her usual gorgeous manner.

I went home that night and said to my husband who I called Bertie “would you like to go to Hawaii??  Doreen has her last US course on in Maui early October”

Well, of course, he said “yes”, he loves holidays.  As for me, I am quite happy at home but I felt some inner stirring that was so strong, for some reason I wanted to be a part of her final US course.  It was perfect timing for us really.  Probably the first time in our lives we had some extra money sitting in our bank account as we have just sold our house.

Everything just fell into place.  All the Angels had to do was get me to say “YES”

The funny thing was the night before we left for Hawaii a memory came flooding into my mind from about 3 years previous.  You see, I had fallen in love with a painting done by a lady in the United States.  I really wanted to gain the rights to use the image on my next Angel Oracle.  I had made contact with the art gallery but was blocked at every turn.  The artist was elderly and at that time extremely ill and they were ‘VERY’ protective of her which was understandable.  So even though I was very disappointed I put the idea to bed and never thought another thing about it till this night.

I went through my emails and found the old correspondence and wrote out the address, as I had a vague memory that the art gallery was in Hawaii and yes it was.  I was so busy; I didn’t really pay much attention to where in Hawaii.  We landed in Honolulu and the art gallery never once entered my mind for the 7 days we were there.  It wasn’t until we went to MAUI!!

We arrived in Maui and on the second day we grabbed a bus to go down to the main street to take a look around.  As we turned into the main street there was the street sign!  BAMB!  I said to Bertie “I think this is the street name of the art gallery.”  I grab my notes and sure enough!

We made our way to the art gallery and I have never seen anything quite like it.  The paintings in there were out of this world.  I introduced myself to the lady in the gallery and I asked her about the artist and the painting that I had fallen in love with and explained that I was from Australia and had made inquiries several years ago.

You should have seen the look on her face!  Well a long story short: the lady made contact with the artist; she had survived her illness.  We went into negotiations and after a couple of hours, we had secured the very ‘LAST’ hand-embellished signed print copy of the original painting (original worth $30,000 and not for sale) plus the rights to print the photo image for my next oracle!

So you see the Angels got me to Hawaii on the premise of seeing Doreen BUT that was ‘NOT’ the reason they wanted me there at that time!

When you put a heart-felt desire out to the Universe in the perfect way the Angels will work on bringing it into alignment for you but as this story shows the seeds of miraculous manifestation can take time.

Stay tuned for my next oracle: it will arrive in Divine Time too!

My story highlights several things. 
You need to really listen to messengers when they show up in your life, the Angels have sent them.
#2: Saying YES to open doors can be powerful, very powerful indeed
#3: You may be pushed well outside your comfort zone: for me traveling overseas, leaving my new AOK Healing Centre and spending the money “we may have needed for our new home” could have been BIG excuses not to go.
#4: Knowing precisely what you love and planting your manifesting seeds is huge!
#5: The universe can work miracles & does work miracles every day

Not only did I manifest a holiday to Hawaii (my first ever overseas trip), I spent three amazing days in Maui doing Doreen’s final US course meeting like-minded Earth Angels plus I bought my manifestation into form by securing the Angelo print and the image rights to print!

I still to this day pinch myself.
Thank you to the Angels messenger Annie.

Thank you, Doreen.

Thank you Angels.

Plant your manifestation seeds with clarity and allow the Angels the time to bring your hearts desires or something better into your life at the perfect Angel Time.

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Angel Blessings Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady