watercolor spot and stokesWhen most people think of numerology, they think of interpreting their birthdays and names. And while that is a HUGE amount of information already, numerology can also be used to interpret specific dates. This is known as Universal Days (not to be confused with your Personal Day or Personal Year).

How To Calculate Universal Days

Universal Days represent the general influence and trend of a specific date for everyone. To calculate the universal day, you simply add up all the digits that make up the date, then continuing reducing until you reach a single digit or a master number (11, 22, 33).

For example, say the date is February 9, 2015. The calculation would then be: 2 + 9 + (2+ 0+ 1+ 5) = 19. 1 + 9 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore February 9th, 2015 is a 1 Universal Day.

Universal Day Interpretations

Below you’ll find the general analysis of the various Universal Days. You can use this for guidance, to set an intention, or to find focus throughout your day.

anchor11 Universal Day

This will be a busy day filled with big decisions and new beginnings. Be honest with yourself, remain assertive on matters that are important to you, and do not be afraid to be innovative, stand out, take the lead, and aim big. This is a day for courage and persistence.

2 Universal Day

Listen, pay attention to the details, and discern where compromises might be needed. This is a day where the phrase “Patience is a virtue” rings true. This would be a good day to study, go with the flow, work on your relationships, allow yourself to be sensitive, and form new partnerships. Cooperation is key on this day.

3 Universal Day

Hang out with friends, network, share a few laughs, and socialize! If you’re throwing a party, this would be the perfect day to have it. Let your imagination and creativity take you places, travel, and make new friends. This is a great day for social expansion.

anchor 44 Universal Day

Organization, planning, and being practical rule this day. Think of it as your day to wrap up loose ends, plan for the future, getting work done, and completing any errands. This would be a good day to do your due diligence on financial matters, contracts, and anything business related.

5boat5 Universal Day

An excellent time for a break! Travel, relax, try something new, surprise and treat yourself. If you’ve been feeling restless or stuck, this would be a good day to break your routine and do something out of the ordinary. The key is to enjoy yourself and get in touch with what you love doing.

6 Universal Day

This is a day for creating peace and harmony and for dealing with domestic matters. Focus on taking care of your home, your family, and yourself. 6 Universal Days are great for tying the not, cooperating, going on a family picnic, and strengthening existing relationships.

7 Universal Day

This is a day for you alone. Meditate, do yoga, go for a walk alone, or curl up with your favorite book. This is a highly intellectual and spiritual day. Learn something new, explore a new topic, take a class, or read a hundred Wiki articles. It’s a time for self-awareness and curiosity.

8 Universal Day

This is your power day. Take charge, make big decisions, expand your thinking, and get things done. It’s a day of productivity, expansion, and achievement. It’s also a great day to deal with financial matters and attract wealth.

heart9 Universal Day

Fill yourself with love and compassion. The number 9 encompasses all the previous numbers and thus symbolizes completion and unity. This is a day to be kind to everyone including yourself. Give to a charity, volunteer, or simply radiate love and joy to everyone you meet.

11 Universal Day

Trust your instincts and any gut feelings you get on this day. Your intuition will be at its highest. You will also feel the vibrations of a 2 Universal Day as 11 can be reduced to a 2. You may also be drawn towards humanitarian tasks on this day or find yourself more connected to those around you.

22 Universal Day

22 is a Master Builder so go forth and build! Expand, create, and innovate! This is a special day as you will be drawn to both achieve and remain idealistic. Set lofty goals and reach for them! Since 22 reduces to a 4, you will also feel the vibrations of a 4 Universal Day).

33 Universal Day

33 is also known as a Master Teacher, and as such you’ll find yourself drawn to humanitarian objectives. Immerse yourself in wisdom and love. This is also a day for communication, learning as well as teaching, and knowledge.

About The Numerologist Team

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