life cycle numbersPinHere you will find the interpretations for your second pinnacle number.

Once again to calculate your Second Pinnacle number, which describes your developing years (from the late twenties to the mid forties depending on your Life Path number) you must add the year of birth plus the day of birth and reduce it to a single digit. Don’t reduce this down to a master number if the result is a master number 11 or 22.

Once again here is also your reference for finding out when the Second Pinnacle Period will occur in your case.  Note that to find the timing you also need to calculate your Life Path number.

Life Path (By Age) 2nd Pinnacle
1 36-44
2/11 35-43
3 34-42
4/22 33-41
5 32-40
6 31-39
7 30-38
8 29-37
9 28-36

life cycle number interpretationSecond Pinnacle 1

You are likely to be a very successful and dynamic adult. Chances are that most things in your life are well set and you are likely to have the perfect job and the perfect family. Your achievements are more than likely to be well recognized by the public. A career in politics might be evolving.


life cycle number interpretationSecond Pinnacle 2

Your success in life greatly depends on your ability to work with other people. You might find yourself working a lot behind the scenes in order to achieve a greater goal. You are not likely to be in business by yourself. Both your work and family life may be very demanding during these years.


flower 7Second Pinnacle 3

Your livelihood might depend greatly on how others perceive you. You might not have children or settled down at this time and instead are enjoying some kind of unorthodox relationship. Chances are that you are a performer, freelancer or leading a lifestyle that stimulates your interest in popular culture.


flower 6Second Pinnacle 4

During this period in your life, you may find yourself facing a lot of rivals or struggling with some kind of competition. Unfortunately this does forecast a time when finances may be limited for some years. Fortunately economic hardships can be overcome with practicality and the willingness to work hard.


flower 5Second Pinnacle 5

You probably will lead an unorthodox lifestyle and it is very likely you will be travelling a lot during these years. Individuals in this period may forsake domesticity and financial security to satisfy a thirst for adventure. You are likely to be your own boss or a freelancer. Flexibility is key to your happiness.


flower 4Second Pinnacle 6

This is an influence that foresees the predominance of home and family matters over anything else. Usually this pinnacle number is associated with having many children or having an extended family living with you. Chances are that you have also forsaken a dream or a career to take care of family matters.


flower 3Second Pinnacle 7

Unless you have somehow made a name for yourself as a serious academic you might find this period in your life to be very slow and uninspiring. Chances are that you have forsaken friends and family to follow some sort of passion or personal pursuit. Individuals under this influence often find themselves in therapy or preferring to be a hermit.


flower 2Second Pinnacle 8

During this influence, you are likely to prosper and movement up through traditional corporate and business structures is relatively easy. This is a very rational period in your life and more than likely you will be successfully building a financial empire. Your family life is also likely to be quite settled and happy.


life cycle number interpretationSecond Pinnacle 9

During this influence some kind of crisis may occur that changes your perspective of the world drastically. Usually this involves some kind of healing crisis or devastating emotional experience that puts you on a spiritual path. During this time you will become less selfish and more philanthropic in your ways.


flower 1Second Pinnacle 11

The emphasis on this period is on either looking for a teacher or using your personal skills to spread some sort of message. You are eager to acquire new wisdom and often find the mentor that you need to further a career in the arts or to develop spiritually. Many find this a very optimistic and positive influence.


life cycle number interpretationSecond Pinnacle 22

Many great things are completely possible for you. If you have not had an education or a big break to do with your career, chances are you will get the opportunity to practically fulfill those dreams now. It’s also very likely that you will meet a soulmate and begin a family at this time. If you have already started a family, it’s likely the love between all of you will grow even stronger.