How to Use a Numerology Calculator Experts Have Created

They say it’s just simple math… well, that’s what your high school teacher also claimed about calculus. A numerology calculator truly is simple math, but you need to know the formula behind numerology calculations so you can “calculate your future.”

Numerology only has nine numbers that are combined with each other to determine the formula behind your life’s numerological value. The basic rule is to begin with the date of your birth then continuously add the digits from the month and the year of your birth. The number of months is your attitude number, and the number of years is your life path number. Included in the numerological formula are the challenge numbers which are defined as the unique happenings you’ll have experienced during particular periods in your lifetime.

Making use of the numerology calculator experts have created makes the process substantially easier. It’s important however to know the corresponding value of each number in the sequence as it relates to where someone is in their personal cycle, which changes year to year.

The following information will help you understand the 9 stages of the cycle. One is always about beginnings — it’s an exciting start of a cycle and people who have this number in their life’s numerological formula are described as mover-shakers ready to acquire more knowledge as life progresses. The number two however, indicates that time when a person requires great assistance or support from others to be able to break through the next important phase in his life. Three is about exploration and creativity — that phase when enough lessons have been learned and one has the confidence to improvise, which is then followed by the number four, where he’s already established within himself all the things he’s capable of in an organized fashion. Number five is the decline; the person becomes too familiar with his routine, gets bored, and thus develops a need to pursue other things… it’s like the midlife crisis. Six is the recognition of universal laws that he has to abide with to be able to continue to progress in life. Seven is coming to terms with everything, from the roots to the failures and successes, and eight is completely being in control of his life. Finally, the number nine — this is the end and he has done everything he has set out to do; he is about to close a cycle and is feeling a sense of completion on a chapter of his life.

Knowing your Personal Cycle Year can definitely help you understand a lot of the issues that you are experiencing now – and it is easy to calculate. Our numerology experts provide the following equation for doing this:

Birth Month + Day + Universal (2012) Year + “Plus 1”

They qualify that some numerologists do not add an extra year, subscribing to the theory that when you are one year old, you have already lived a year, and are actually going into your second year. In this case, you can add it to predict the future. Someone born: October 22, would be in a 2 Cycle year in 2012 (October=1, 22=4, 2012=5, “plus1” =1+4+5+1=11=1+1= 2 Cycle Year)

With the numerology calculator, you can determine at which phase you are in your life path and how you can develop the right attitude to be able to move on to the next level. There are sites that offer them for free use and provide a step-by-step guide (on how to come up with your significant numbers) and great information about the intricate details surrounding your final number sequence.

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