five numerology meaningWe have now officially entered the power of number five this month. In terms of numerology, May could be your breath of fresh air, or the chance for some much needed rejuvenation. Have you been looking for some change? Well now is the prime opportunity to take a different approach, or try something new.

How Can the Month of May Benefit You?

This month we find ourselves deeper into spring and on the outskirts of summer. Being midway between these seasons, is much like the number five, which is pretty much at the centre of the number “one-nine” journey. This means you may have made a good head start to the year, and after the first quarter; you may now need to take a breather, raise your head from the desk, or relax those feet from all that running around.

The most active from all the number vibrations, five offers opportunities in adventure, exploration, and general “doing”. Additionally this number brings the arena of freedom and liberation into play. This month you could be looking at how free you really feel. You may also encounter more time and room for you to take part in some of the things that make your heart sing. If you were planning a trip abroad then this would be an excellent month to take it.

Variety and Diversity at Your Doorstep

Experience of any kind is what this number craves most, so change things up a bit and get innovative. In a restaurant the number five would be ordering a little of everything from the menu, or at least dipping his / or her fingers in everyone else’s dish. If you crave a new lease of life then jump for it now, don’t succumb to boredom or routine, because this is not the time for the same old grooves in the regular rat race.       

Here are some tips for making the most of the next few weeks:

  • Get active and physical
  • Try a new hobby, past time, or activity
  • Go to a new place / town / country
  • Get a different hair style or buy an outfit you wouldn’t normally choose
  • Carve out some free time to do what you love
  • Visit a different restaurant or order a different dish
  • Shift a habit
  • Try a new approach in dealing with someone or something
  • Create a new look or delve deeper into some self-development work     

five numerology meaningGemini and Number Five Similarities

We will be meeting the Astrological sign of Gemini later this month and it’s no surprise that there is a great deal of common ground between the number five and the symbol of the twin.  Learning and banking experience comes with mistake making, hence unpredictability and the impulsive streak which unites both the number and the sign. Gemini is an air sign and brings with it a desire to explore the mental spheres along with the extremities of emotion; tying in with the number five lesson, which is about knowing when to take the middle road. It’s important here, to seek freedom, but not to succumb to escapist, restlessness or reckless behaviour. Gemini and the five energy love being free spirits, and desire cart-blanche to change everything on a whim. This unpredictable nature can be fun and exhilarating, but it can have consequences, so be cautious.

There can be a great deal of unique and promising opportunities cropping up here, which can make it hard to make a right decision. It could be sensible to have in mind long lasting positive effect, rather than short lived entertainment. However don’t turn down something different and fruitful if it will bring more wonder and beauty into your life over the next period of weeks.

five numerology meaning5 Power Double Days

If you really want to harness the good fortune of change, adventure, travel and heightened physical strength or energy, then plan your activities for these dates, which are also five days in this five month. These moments could be a great opportunity for exercise like an extended gym workout, moving house, or even for conceiving!

The energy of the number five will be especially strong on: May 18th and 27th   

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comments

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond MA

Hanna Ehlers – Bond is a psychotherapist and numerologist. She’s helped thousands of people through personal coaching, events and her YouTube channel, to enrich and empower their lives. Utilizing her psychology training, along with a passion for numerology, she’s formed a unique life review model. Along with other holistic tools, this type of road map is used to assist people with self-development and motivation. Hanna also specializes in ME/CFS recovery, after having experienced crippling chronic illness for four years. Find out more at

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