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A dynamic Full Moon in Gemini on November 25 ushers in big changes.

Including the next big transit that will replace the dominance of Pluto and Uranus and play a huge role in our lives in 2016.

Some highlights:

  • Two dynamic T-squares are activated by this full moon generating a tremendous surge of energy and healing.
  • 11.25.2015 is a 17/8 Universal Date of immortal, eternal, lasting change.
  • The Full Moon triggers the 2015 Universal 8 Code of Abundance and Empowerment.
  • Neptune square Saturn is activated by the full moon – magnifying the birth of this next BIG transit!

The FIRST meeting of several in any major new transit is always the most intense, because it introduces you to this NEW energy in your life.

In this video you’ll also discover the meaning of big transits in early December.

And, here’s the amazing news – A highly significant numerology code is activated as we close out the year:

In December the Master Number 11 enables us to walk through the 11 portal into 2016… 2016 – a year the “Royal Code” will be unveiled!

What a way to celebrate the end 2015!

Be sure to watch this in depth, exciting forecast for the next two weeks.

Have a wonderful Full Moon and early December!

Love and Hugs,

Tania Gabrielle

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