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Oct 26 2015 - topWelcome to another powerful Supermoon!

A beautiful Full Moon in Taurus on October 27th synchronizes with a Code of Love, Abundance, Sisterhood and Brotherhood in the stars and numbers.

It’s the third of three consecutive Supermoons – an extra strong lunation since the Moon is closer to Earth than usual. Full Moons are more emotional times of the month anyways – and this one is enhanced even more due to the numerology code.

A triple 9-9-9 Love and Forgiveness code is activated:

  • October 27 is a 9 Universal Day (27 = 2+7 = 9)
  • October is a 9 Universal Month  (10+2015 = 9)
  • The Universal Date, 10.27.2015 adds up to 18, which is also a 9.

9 is the final number in the emotional self-expression triad in numerology.

9 governs endings, release and culminations, wisdom and unconditional love. You’re bound to feel is a big surge of emotional release around this full moon – a great sense of relief about leaving behind OLD patterns.

Old wounds are being healed… and the CLARITY that follows will fill you with gratitude and love.

Sacred geometry highlights for this Full Moon in Taurus are:

  • A fortunate Grand Earth Trine of fabulous abundance opportunities
  • A triple conjunction between Venus, Mars and Jupiter favoring partnerships and love
  • An opposition between Venus and Chiron inviting deep, profound healing

And early November brings so many ,pre Astro-Numerology gifts as well!

I have lots to share with you about the next two weeks – including how the numbers 10 (instant manifestation), 3 (joy and creativity) and 17 (immortality and strength) play out.

Enjoy the exciting Taurus Supermoon forecast video!

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