In Numerology it’s believed we all go through nine-year cycles throughout our lives and if you know the basic characteristics of the numbers 1 through 9 you can use that information to be in alignment with the purpose of your year. We all feel a change in energy at the beginning of each year, don’t we? We start shifting our focus, delving into new feelings, and often these thoughts and feelings surprise us because they’re so very different than what we’ve been prioritizing during the prior year.

The information about your Personal Year provides you with the optimal qualities of the energy of the year and also alerts you to the inherent obstacles so that you can make the most informed choices. If you know the “theme to your party” you can understand the energy you’ll work with during the year, including how to optimize your experience and also how to understand the possible setbacks.

Calculating Your Personal Year

To calculate your personal year reduce the month and day of your birth to a single digit. Then add this to the year you want to examine. It could be the current year or the next year and so on.

Ex. Your birthday is March 5 and you want to know your personal year number for 2019.

2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3

March 5 = 3 + 5 = 8

Add the two digits together: 3 + 8 = 11


Getting To The Root Of the 11

Sometimes you can experience a Master number as the guiding energy for your Personal Year. Let’s see how you might understand your Personal Year if it’s a Master 11/2. In order to understand the full range of experience you can expect during a Master 11/2 Personal Year, it’s useful to first look at the foundational energy of the number 2.

This year is all about slowing down and developing patience. This year offers a time where emotions and relationships take the front seat. This year is all about “us” and is devoted to love in all its forms. The 2 Personal Year is slow moving and designed to test your trust in right timing and is schooling you in the development of patience, process, and trust. It’ll feel like you’re moving three steps forward, four steps backward at any given time. You might feel as though even the most basic step forward takes far too much energy, time, and patience. Levels of frustration can feel heightened. The highest and best use of your 2 Personal Year resides in slowing down, relaxing (if you can), and focusing on relationships.

Concentrate on cultivating deeper connections within your inner circle. It’s a fabulous time for networking, finding “the one,” or reestablishing your connection with your intimate relationship. However, don’t expect anything to transpire at a rapid pace. This is a testing year in regards to setting strong yet supple emotional boundaries with friends, colleagues, and family. You’ll be called upon to resign from being used as a doormat if that is something you find yourself succumbing to in your daily life. Intuition can soar in a 2 Personal Year when you place perimeters around uncontrolled or undisciplined emotions. “Patience” is your key theme.


PinPinPinPinThe Added Intensity Of The 11

In addition to the core elements of the number 2, you have the added intensity related to the Master number 11 offering you additional challenges. Yet the potential benefits are enormous. Understand that even though the year is defined and supported by the softer and more emotions-based number 2, it’s somewhat “overridden” by the double number 1. So think about last year and double that!

The 11/2 is known as the number of spiritual illumination and has earned the designation as the dreamer rather than the doer. The number 1 is all about action, initiation, and innovation and the number 2 is all about diplomacy, love, and emotions. Of the Master numbers, the 11/2 carries with it the most oppositional qualities and so it’s beneficial to know what they are and how to engage with the intensity of the Master number in the most successful way possible. Just know at the get-go that this year will feel edgy and you can grapple with bouts of nervous tension.

Expect Intense Personal Growth

Along with it being a relationship-oriented and emotional year, you’ll be presented with opportunities to learn profound spiritual lessons. This can manifest in every way imaginable—from coping with crisis to embracing massive success. With an 11/2 Personal Year you might not feel as though things are slower at all given you’re also working with the energy of the double 1. You might be called upon to keep up a rather intense pace focused on exerting your independence and working on solidifying your career on various levels. Yet even with this lightning speed and results-oriented time, you’ll be met with more than your share of halts, delays, and issues requiring a heightened level of patience and diplomacy. The key with the master 11/2 Personal Year is to walk a fine line between knowing when to blaze ahead and knowing when to take your foot off the accelerator for a moment.

Expect Profound Spiritual Revelations & Intuition

This is a time for profound spiritual insights, advancement in intuitive ability, and is a love-centered year. Yet it’s also high-voltage and will test you in standing up for yourself, taking the lead in your life, and manifesting results in a tangible way. One of the challenges with the energy of the year is the possibility that you’ll have your head in the clouds and won’t be able to bring your ideas or desires into reality. It’s beneficial to understand that you need some grounding techniques this year and a clear desire to keep yourself on task. You can achieve this by simply having this knowledge and making it a priority for yourself. If you have trouble with time management and making things happen, it’s a great time to bring someone into your life who can serve this function. This can be a friend, intimate partner, or employee. It all comes down to knowing that the propensity might be for ideas to disappear like sand in an hourglass. Yet if you set yourself up with a support system the chance that you’ll see tangible results is far greater.


PinPinPinPinExpect Creativity & Inspiration To Flourish

This is a year of inspired ideas that can only land with you when you’ve cleared the clutter, chatter, and busyness and instead slow down enough to notice the nuances. Steven Speilberg suggests that “your intuition never shouts, it always whispers.” The most important messages you’re designed to get this year aren’t coming to you via your cell phone—they’re coming to you when you’re standing still, quieting the mind, and have allowed space for your intuitive voice to speak to you.

Part of the tricky nature of the Master 11/2 Personal Year resides in the inherent arm wrestle between the masculine and assertive number 1 and the feminine and giving number 2. So while it’s a year to step into yourself and speak your truth gently yet firmly, it can also challenge you with reigning in a certain level of ego. Remember that anytime we experience a Master number—whether in our personality profile or as a cycle in our numerology chart—it’s holding out a heightened level of spiritual purpose while also giving us more intense challenges.

2018’s Universal 11 Energy Affects Everyone

In 2018, we’re experiencing a Master 11/2 Universal Year and so this just adds double indemnity to the mix. Also know that if you have an 11/2 as any of your core numbers in your numerology chart, both the benefits and the challenges of the year will be magnified. What does that mean? Let’s say you have an 11/2 Life Path. Let’s also say that—for instance—you have a problem with alcohol that you’ve managed to keep denying. Chances are that you’ll run into some more intense situations around this issue that will force you to confront it. Perhaps your wife finally leaves you because of your alcoholism. Perhaps you get into a car accident that is alcohol related and you must bear the consequences. Perhaps you lose your job as a direct or indirect result of your alcoholism.

Or let’s use this other example. Let’s say you’ve been working on an idea for a business, product, or service. You’ve decided to take yourself and your idea seriously and hire someone to do the specs. You’ve reached out to some people you know and have two investors who are interested in backing you. There have been some headaches and some delays—the lawyer won’t return your emails and one of the investors had to be out of town with a family emergency. Yet things are moving forward.


PinPinPinPinIt’s All About You At The End Of The Day

Either way, understand that the energy of the 11/2 Personal Year is an opening for you to come to some deep understandings about yourself and about your place in the world. It demands a heightened level of trust in yourself and the universe. It can feel emotional, nerve-racking, and a bit overwhelming. It requires that you own yourself in your full authenticity and stand up for yourself in a healthy, dynamic way. The year will offer you opportunities to react in a heart felt and compassionate way to conflicts and all kinds of emotional engagements. Relationships are a key element for the number 2 and this is a time that tests your ability to truly see how you love and how you want to be loved in return. Just know that—despite the outward pace—you’re at your highest and best when you listen more often than speak, seek to understand more often than to be understood, and keep the good of “the group” as a priority.