January 2020Pin


January brings a supremely dynamic
start to the year!
Whilst the overarching energy of this 4 Universal Year may have you leaping onto the treadmill from day 1, the numerology of January has other plans.

The 5 is adventurous and needs change and variety. So as we enter into the year, and those “back-to-school” vibes hit, the first mention of “work” and “routine” could see you running for the hills!

Be warned and create enough diversity in your days to stop you from going stir-crazy. Collectively, this month’s 5 Universal energy is set to ring in the changes, and will likely demand that you embrace whatever appears!

So if you’ve been sliding into a winter slump (or in the Southern Hemisphere, getting a
little lethargic as late summer hits) this is your wake-up call… Are you listening?!

It’s time to expand those horizons, and shake things up a little.

What are you willing to do differently this month?

Where has life gotten a little stagnant and repetitive? Where have you lost your sense of childlike wonder?

Start the year off with a little sprinkling of magic – 5 energy loves synchronicities and serendipitous happenings, so open your eyes, and they’ll appear!

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