A life path 1 can be a tough nut to crack… But only if you don’t know how to approach them.

Even people who don’t know much about numerology have probably heard of the life path number.

It’s a single-digit number that provides insight into your essence. Everything from your behavior to your feelings and dreams comes from this core number. And have you ever felt particularly attracted to a certain someone? You likely have your date of birth to thank for it.

The life path number can tell you a lot about a person. It can give you insight into the person’s goals and character traits and help you understand them better. Thanks to the numerical patterns and vibrations that surround us, we naturally gravitate to those who have a compatible life path number.

If you’re aware of a person’s life path number, you can easily study that person’s characteristics. This can help you in a number of ways. To begin, you’ll know what to expect and how best to approach that person.

In short, calculate your life path and that of the person you’re interested in and you’re ready to go forward.

Today, we’ll focus on life path number 1.

The Traits of Life Path 1

If you or your partner is a life path 1, you’re in for a ride. These people are born leaders who are capable of turning the world upside-down. Their combination of creative energy and willpower means that they usually sit in the driver’s seat.

However, they have some negative traits too. These can include selfishness and arrogance. But the life path 1 person can easily overcome these issues by having proper goals and the right people around them.

Let’s focus on the two driving forces of a life path number 1.


People born with this life path number don’t need anybody else to motivate them. They’re determined to set their goals and work hard until they reach them.

They aspire to greatness, and they often make an effort at achieving it. Hard work comes naturally and they tend to denigrate people who cut corners.

The effort they invest usually helps them obtain new skills, which allow them to be further appreciated in their surroundings. Thanks to this skillfulness, others gladly accept them. They quickly become masterminds and are often the first to make a move.

Have you ever wondered how certain people were able to rapidly move up the ranks? Seemingly without any effort even? Many of them are life path number 1s. You can always tell that they’re completely dedicated to their goals.

Of course, all these virtues come at a price. They tend to be self-centered and often ignore other people’s advice (although they’re usually correct in doing so). Also, they can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t completely commit to their work. This makes them appear harsh and insensitive at times. And they need to work on these aspects of their personality if they want to improve their lives.


Sometimes hard work is not enough. If you don’t have a proper outline of your future, all of your dedication can be futile. Thankfully, people with life path number 1 generally have a big creative urge.

Thanks to their creative thinking, they can perceive the big picture and make plans accordingly. This makes them a better leader than those who blindly strive towards shallower goals.

This insightful side allows them to inspire those around them.

As leaders, they think outside of the box. Their idea may seem simple at first glance – but nobody else was able to think of it first. They have the ability to make good decisions quickly and work tirelessly towards their initial goals.

For them, a life of entrepreneurship is full of risks and rewards. They hate being bossed around, so they’re usually the one at the top. Or they’d rather freelance. When they decide to start their business, it’s usually a carefully planned-out move. With plenty of hard work on top.

Their combination of creativity and drive attracts both compatible and non-compatible life path numbers. Unfortunately, the sensitive sort may quickly start to feel unappreciated.

That’s why it’s important to know whether your life path number is compatible with a life path number 1.

Who Is Compatible With a 1?

Before you start sending signals to a 1, you should first find your life path number. So, go add up and reduce your day, month, and year of birth to arrive at your life path number. After that, you can see whether your number is compatible with your love interests.

If your life path number is 3, 5, or 6, you’re particularly compatible compared to the rest. Here’s why:

Life Path Number 3 – The numbers 1 and 3 have an otherworldly connection. The charming wit of a 3 will hold the interest of a 1. A number 3 has inspiring ideas that a 1 will actually listen to. On the other hand, number 3s will try their hardest to keep up with 1s.

Life Path Number 5 – Although not a master number, 5s are great companions to those of life path number 1. They despise stagnation, and the constant pursuit of a number 1’s goals will overlap with the 5’s dynamism and imagination.

Life Path Number 6 – A 6 may have a somewhat different outlook on life, but a 6 and a 1 can achieve symbiotic harmony. If number 6 can impose their values of responsibility, loyalty, and companionship on a 1, they may have a perfect relationship.

Tips for Dating a Life Path 1

Dating a person with a life path number 1 can sometimes appear problematic. Especially for those who can’t fully appreciate what these people bring to the table. However, those who share the number 1’s values can form a strong and lasting bond.

Here are a few tips for dating a life path number 1:

1. Prepare to work

If you want to date a 1, you must never slack off. This person expects total commitment in everything that matters to them. If you’re in a relationship, you need to work at improving it every day. A number 1 can push you to your limits, but the end can be highly rewarding.

2. Focus on the action

A life path 1 values action more than words. That’s why they often avoid sweet talk and romance and prefer you to be pragmatic, rather than dreamy. When they care, they show it through their actions.

3. Be interesting

The creative side of a life path 1 will enjoy being around unique and interesting people. They don’t follow the masses and appreciate the company of thinkers. If you’re witty and intelligent, a number 1 may just find you irresistible.

It’s Worth Pursuing After All

A life path number 1 is hard to tame. If you want to commit to dating one, it helps a lot if you belong to one of the numbers we discussed above.

Of course, the number in your numerology chart can only do so much. There’s still a lot to work on to make sure a relationship reaches its full potential.

Have you ever dated a life path number 1? Share your stories in the comment section below. 

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