Can you hear it?

The sound of a thousand hard-drives being turned on in preparation for the mass digital backup that come as a kind of modern-age rite of passage every time Mercury retrogrades into town.

Three times a year, that tiny, fast-moving planet of trickery and mischief appears to turns back on its trajectory around the Sun, and all manner of technological mayhem and madness is let loose. The least fortunate among us know just how the punch feels when a lifetime’s photos are lost on a broken iMac. Or when that slanderous email, meant only for the eyes of your office buddy is accidentally sent also to your boss… Yup, Mercury’s lessons in communication can be painful. (To ease the pain, check out our-can’t-live-without Merc Retro playlist).

But there IS a little known Numerology hack that those in the know have been well aware of for years. And we’re about to share it here. So if you’re ready to switch up your fortunes and ride this Mercurial wave like a pro, read on…


Can you Tame Mercury’s Mischief with a Number?

The planet Mercury and the Number 5 are age-old partners in crime.

Both share a particular frequency, a resonance or energy that connects them and gives them each some similar qualities. If you have a lot of 5s in your personal chart (you can get an instant free reading HERE) then this same energy moves through you too, and believe it or not, you also have a special kind of connection with the Mercurial planet. But even if you don’t, and the number 5 remains a mystery to you, the 5 is still a potent tool which can guide you gracefully through Mercury retrograde.

So what does this actually mean?

And more importantly, what do you have to DO?

Well, by getting to know this frequency of the 5 – what it feels like, how it moves through your life, and how it weaves its way through the wider world too, you can actually tune into the twists and turns that the planet Mercury has on the cards for you. Yes, you read that right. The Number 5 can actually get to a place of pre-empting the Mercurial curveballs before they hit and therefore help you avoid the retrograde damage!

A little Background on the Numerology of the 5…

The 5 holds the frequency of freedom, sensation, adventure, and fearlessness.

It also holds a strong essence of trust: that life is innately supportive, that you have nothing to be scared of, and that freedom ultimately gives way to creation and not to decay. The energy of the 5 is the absolute antithesis of control and restriction, but it does respond really, really well to a certain amount of rhythm and routine. Whilst not one of the most grounded or earth-bound of numbers, it still needs and loves embodied experiences, and relates strongly to the cycles of life and the cycles of nature.


How to Hack the Numerology of the 5 and Cruise Through Mercury Retrograde

1. Embrace movement, change and flow

The number 5 is defined by movement and change.

Embody this.

Get really familiar with what it actually feels like by allowing life to take you wherever it wants you to go. Put those chirping inner voices – who just want to hold onto control – on hold and be free. The frustrations that Mercury retrograde is so infamous for are largely down to our resistance when things go wrong (or is it that you perceive them to be wrong? What if sitting in that airport lounge is exactly what you need to be doing, in order to be in the perfect position to meet that person who’ll change the course of your whole life…?)

2. Revise how you represent yourself

The 5 is an absolute master of reinvention.

Letting its energy ripple through your life will help you to see where the image of yourself you’re presenting to the world needs a shakeup…

Is your CV up to date?

How about your online presence?

When Mercury is in retrograde, we’re being asked to look at and re-assess the ways we’re communicating or inner self-image, out into the world. Are you representing yourself authentically? Or have you outgrown the virtual worlds you inhabit? This is NOT the time to make any big changes, but rather to revisit and re-assess, taking this as an opportunity to increase your self-awareness.

3. Lighten the load

The 5 is the adventurer of the Numerological gang. It’s the global nomad, with nothing more than a backpack and a decent pair of boots, stripped back of all non-essential baggage.

One of the biggest blocks to freedom (physical AND emotional) is carrying too much baggage. Ever wonder whether Mercury retrograde actually has an ulterior motive and wants nothing more than to strip you of the excess you’re carting around with you? Use the potent energy of liberation that the 5 brings, to clear some of the clutter from your life.

What is taking up too much space in your life?

What is taking up too much of your energy, for not enough return?

Ask yourself these questions now, and if you act on what you find, by the time Mercury goes direct, you’ll be ready to fly!

4. Trust embodied Intuition

With such potential for miscommunication, Mercury Retrogrades are incredible times to amp-up our use of embodied intuition. This means tapping into the signals that our bodies are telling us, above and beyond the messages we receive through words and language.

The number 5 teaches us about the necessity of a strong body connection and encourages us to honor and listen to the subtle messages that our physical vessel is constantly sharing.

So tap in.

And on a side note, be vigilant of any urges you feel to escape through bodily sensations (drink, food, drugs, for e.g.) and recognize how these wants are very different from intuitive sensations.

5. Avoid Drama

One of the challenges of the 5, is to respond to people and situations with a level head, resisting the urge to kick up a storm. Drama can be enticing to the 5, plus it creates an excuse not to take bigger risks in life, ones which could actually lead to progress! We know that Mercury retrogrades can be riddled with misunderstandings and communication issues, so there is normally potential for disagreements, conflict and clashes, so it’s vital NOT to fall into the traps.

Don’t take things personally.

Give the benefit of the doubt.

Offer compliments.

Be generous with your words.

Mercury will move retrograde three times in 2020

Here are the dates:

  • February 17th – March 10th
  • June 18th – July 12th
  • October 14th – November 3rd

So grab your calendar, add in these dates and with our top Numerology hacks, you’ll be cruising through Mercury Retrograde like a dream!

Now tell us… How are you preparing for Mercury Retrograde?

Do you usually breeze through this time, or does it hit you hard?!

Share with us below, any insights you have, or funny stories from your world … We’d love to hear them!

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