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Mercury only appears to be moving backwards.

Because of the illusory angles of Earth, Mercury and the Sun, it will look for the next three weeks as though Mercury is retracing its path across the skies, but in fact, the planet is circling on ahead, way faster than we are.

The fact that what we think we’re seeing isn’t quite the whole truth is significant, and holds an important key to unlocking this astrological event.

For the first half of this retrograde period, Mercury will be an evening star, and for the second half, it will rise in the morning, so go outside and take a look! Make friends with this fast-moving planet because he will be sailing through your life in the most intimate of ways over the next three weeks.

Mercury, the Number 5 and YOU!

It’s seldom discussed how numerology can help us to navigate tricky astrological shifts, because not a lot of people know the specifics. But for those who do, it’s very real, and it really does work!

Mercury has long been associated with the Number 5. They share a particular frequency, a resonance which connects many of the conditions, components, characters, qualities and ingredients which make up this incredible Universe we inhabit. If you have a lot of 5s in your personal chart, then this same resonance moves through you too, and you have a special affinity with the Mercurial planet. But even if you don’t, and the number 5 remains a mystery to you, it still has many incredibly useful lessons to offer which can be of significant value during Mercury’s retrograde times. By getting to know this frequency – what it feels like, how it moves through your life, and controls and affects the wider world too – you’ll be better informed, know what to expect, and be able to align your inner world accordingly when this planet shifts.

The 5 holds the frequency of freedom, sensation, adventure and fearlessness.

It also holds a strong essence of trust: that life is innately supportive, that we have nothing at all to be scared of, and that freedom ultimately gives way to creation and not to decay. The 5 is the absolute antithesis of control and restriction, but it does respond really, really well to a certain amount of rhythm and routine. Whilst not one of the most grounded or earth-bound of numbers, it still needs and loves embodied experiences, and relates strongly to the cycles of life and the cycles of nature.

4 Things You Need to Know

There’s a lot more that could be said about the 5.

But in terms of what its energy and wisdom can offer you over the next three weeks whilst Mercury is in retrograde, here are the most significant lessons to take away today:

1. Embrace difference

The number 5 is defined by movement and change. This is the ideal time to become familiar with what this feels like, by allowing life to take you wherever it flows. This is often exactly what needs to happen during a Mercury retrograde, to shift us onto new, more aligned paths, so embrace the strange, unexpected and unfamiliar!

2. Revise how you represent yourself

Is your CV up to date?

How about your online presence?

Mercury is a fast moving, changeable planet and so is the energy of the number 5. So when Mercury is in retrograde, we’re being asked to backtrack, to look at and re-assess the ways we are communicating or inner self-image, out into the world. Are you representing yourself authentically? Or have you outgrown the virtual worlds you inhabit?

This is NOT the time to make any big changes, but rather to revisit and re-asses, taking this as an opportunity to increase your self-awareness.

3. Lighten the load

One of the biggest blocks to freedom (physical AND emotional) is carrying too much baggage. Take the opportunity over the next 3 weeks to clear some of the clutter from your life. What is taking up too much space in your life? What is taking up too much of your energy, for not enough return? Asking these questions now, and acting on what you find means that when Mercury goes direct on the 22nd Dec, you’ll be ready to fly!

4. Trust embodied Intuition

With such potential for miscommunication, Mercury Retrogrades are incredible times to amp up our use of embodied intuition. This means tapping into the signals that our bodies are telling us, above and beyond the messages we receive through words and language. For the number 5, a strong body connection is the natural state, so honoring and listening to the body, over the next three weeks should come easy. But it’s important to be vigilant of the desire to escape through bodily sensations (drink, food, drugs, for e.g.) and recognize how these urges are very different from intuitive sensations.

Avoid Drama

One of the challenges of the 5, is to respond to people and situations with a level head, resisting the urge to kick up a storm. Drama can be enticing to the 5, plus it creates an excuse not to take bigger risks in life, ones which could actually lead to progress!

We know that Mercury retrogrades can be riddled with misunderstandings and communication issues, so there is normally potential for disagreements, conflict and clashes, so it’s vital NOT to fall into the traps.

Don’t take things personally.

Give the benefit of the doubt.

Offer compliments.

Be generous with words.

How are you preparing for Mercury Retrograde?

Do you usually breeze through this time, or does it hit you hard?!

Share with us below, any insights you have, or funny stories from your world … We’d love to hear them!


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