February 2021 is NUMBERED 2+2+0+21= 25. The #25 indicates February will be a month of challenges requiring Faith and Perseverance!

2/1 – Today we can expect messages regarding financial endeavors.

2/2 – Today we can get the help we need. Keep a positive expectant attitude!

2/3 – Today is a great day to translate dreams into reality!

2/4 – Today, those who practice the fine art of cooperation will benefit spiritually and materially.

2/5 – Happy changes today bring joy, peace, happiness, and abundance.

2/6 – Orderliness and hard work bring results today.

2/7 – Today brings good news about the future, expect positive changes!!

2/8 – Accept responsibilities today and be willing to help those in need.

2/9 – Today’s energy will bring progress, completion, and settlements.

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2/10 – Past efforts are rewarded today. Financial gain is likely.

2/11 – Today we will need perseverance and determination to overcome temporary obstacles.

2/12 – Excellent day for new projects, marriage or meeting someone new, and business travel.

2/13 – Powerful spiritual forces bring messages from within today. Heed the call!!

2/14 – Today’s energy favors love, propositions and doing good for others.

2/15 – Today’s energy favors building a business, a house, and/or savings account.

2/16 – Expect change today as new opportunities alter old routines.

2/17 – Today’s energy favors love harmony and cooperative efforts

2/18 – Today’s energy favors healing, celebration, and reaping as goals are met

2/19 – Today we can evaluate our circumstances and resolve to set new goals if current rewards are not up to expectation.

2/20 – Today’s endings are necessary to encourage new growth.

2/21 – Today we can enlist the support of others to achieve our goals.

2/22 – Today is for materializing idealistic principles on a global scale.

2/23 – Today we celebrate the abundance achieved by hard work. Share with others!!

2/24 – Today favors solid foundations and improvements in marriage, business, and health.

2/25 – Positive change is in the air today. Messages, letters, and meetings are fruitful.

2/26 – Today our intuitive urges can guide us through the storm. Justice prevails after 12 noon in your time zone.

2/27 – Change, separation, and isolation stimulate our spiritual consciousness.

2/28 – Today’s energy favors chivalry, protection and defense against danger. Tell the boss why you deserve a raise. Get the loan.