Calculating Your Life Challenge Numbers

life challenge numbersIn numerology, we use subtraction to find three individual numbers that represent life challenges. The interpretations of these numbers represent the obstacles, hurdles and difficulties that one is most likely to face during certain phases of life.

The first number that is calculated is your Early Challenge number. This represents difficulties that you will face during the first 28 years of your life.

The second number that is calculated is the Middle Challenge number. This represents difficulties that you are likely to face during the second 28 years of life.

The third number is the Main Challenge number. This number not only emphasizes the difficulties that you will face during the latter part of your life but it also represents the chronic obstacles that you will face during your entire life.

The Main Challenge Number

The Main challenge number is considered to be the most dominant of all the challenge numbers. The main challenge number takes precedence over the other two because it represents obstacles that may come from within. It is the devil (the issue) that you often find yourself wrestling with your entire life. It is the question that burns inside you that you have always hoped would somehow be answered before you die.

The Early Challenge Number

The Early Challenge number is less influential, which may represent more episodic or situational problems. Early challenge numbers can indicate problems due to circumstances or parents. It can also represent internal issues. These problems, of course, can disappear as the child matures and enters the middle years of the life cycle.

The Middle Challenge Number

The Middle Challenge number is also situational and usually the result of hardship or complications brought on by other individuals in your life. The number can also represent behavioral problems as well as interference from natural forces that are beyond your control.

Calculating Your Challenge Numbers

life challenge numbersYour first step to calculating any of the challenge numbers is to reduce your birth day, month and year down into a single digit. For example, my birthday June 7, 1960 reduces down to:

Month 6

Day 7

Year 7 (1+ 9 + 6 + 0 = 16; 1 + 6 = 7)

Remember to reduce all numbers including master numbers down to a single digit in order to perform this calculation properly.

Calculating life challenge numbers is slightly different than other numerology calculation because the sums that comprise the Month, Day and Year of birth are not added together. Instead they are treated as individual sums that can be subtracted from each other.

To calculate your Early Life Challenge number, find the difference between the MONTH and the DAY of your birth. In my case it would be 7-6 = 1. My early life challenge number is 1.

The second calculation is for the Middle Life Challenge. This means finding the difference between the DAY of birth and the Year of Birth. I chose my birthday as an example because it leads to a unique calculation: 7 – 7 = 0. In this particular numerology reading there is an interpretation for the number 0.

To find your Main Life Challenge number, find the difference between your Early Life Challenge Number and your Middle Life Challenge Number. Subtract the lower number from the higher number. In my example the resulting equation is 1 (Middle Life Number ) – 0 (Early Life Number) =1. My main challenge number is one.

Repeating Challenge Numbers

If you get the same number twice or even three times it means that challenge may be doubly emphasized in your life.

For example if your Early Life Challenge number is the same as your Middle Life Challenge Number then problems from your childhood may dominate all of your years. It can also mean that many of the obstacles that you have had to face were not of your own making.

If your Main Life Challenge Number is the same as your Middle Life Challenge Number then many of the problems you encounter could be caused by the decisions you are making as an adult. Reading the interpretation of that number could give you clues as to how you often manage to be your own worst enemy.

If all three of your numbers are the same then it is safe to assume that the cosmos is trying to make you learn a life lesson by manifesting unpleasant situations wherever you go!

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