Amazing August is here! This will be different than any August you’ve previously experienced. There is a BIG OPPORTUNITY to shift through lifetimes of subconscious patterns so you can experience love like never before.

If you have any emotional blocks that prevent you from receiving love, or diminished your self-worth in any way, that’s going to change for you.


Concept ,Planet of the heart in beautiful spacePinVenus is retrograde all month, enhancing your self-worth so you can magnify more opportunities to you. You will receive spiritual insight through the relationships that mirror your values. Love and relationships will be a theme all through August. Let’s celebrate the summer of love!


In numerology, August 2015 is a 16/7 Universal Month. This highly spiritual vibration will get you more in touch with your soul, so you can fulfill your divine plan.

This spiritual energy requires self-mastery to navigate. In this astrology and numerology forecast, I offer you insight on how to have fun while learning your most valuable spiritual lessons.


Who needs lucky 7 when you have three Triple 8 days for prosperity? 2015 is an 8 Universal Month (2+0+1+5 = 8). August is the 8th month of the year. Those two 8s are a powerful combination! We’ll also have three days this month that add another 8 to the already abundance mix – 8-8, 8-17 and 8-26. Oooh that’s good manifesting mojo!

In addition to the prosperity power of the number 8, these potent days add up to 24. The number 24/6 infuse the day with love, balance, and beauty. This winning combination is sure to bring you an abundance of love and prosperity.

You definitely don’t want to miss this month’s astrology and numerology forecast, if you want to be prepared for the heart opening, soul-expanding lessons ahead of you.

Enjoy and share the love!

PS: Drop me a comment below and let me know how you plan to use the energies of August!