The Achievement number is a very special guiding light in your Numerology Chart

It’s a number that holds your potential.

Yet because its vibration is hidden (unlike the core numbers of Life Path, Destiny and Soul Urge) it indicates personal challenges, unlike any other number. In fact, you are very likely operating in the shadow of your achievement number, without even realizing it.

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PinAchievement Number 3 Reading

This Numerology suggests a highly communicative and creative person.

The number 3 is expressive, and brimming with self-confidence, so this is a vibration that can help you in every aspect of life – if you’re able to tap into it’s highest expression.


3 is a number that gives you a way with words and other people are likely to enjoy your company! Your bright energy, coupled with your contagious enthusiasm, and charm, will win you many friends throughout life.

Some people likely consider you lucky, even if in your experience, you don’t think so yourself.

Your quick thinking, analytical mind often puts a humorous spin on things. Plus, your wide range of interests can be a lot of fun for you and others, but it can also make it difficult to finish what you start or stay focused on your long-term goals. This especially true when it comes to financial matters. So try not to push your energy and effort in too many directions.

The main challenge for this numerology is to stay focused on one thing.

Although your sense of humor and outgoing nature, combined with solid self-esteem will help you in any social situation, when it comes down to personal success, your main lesson in life is to cultivate consistency and follow-through.

Work with others to develop strategic financial goals and make achieving them your top priority. Doing this will take very little time away from more enjoyable activities, help you to ultimately become more self-directed, and ensure your success year on year.

The numerical vibration of the 3 is known to be one of the most creative, charming and happy of all the numbers, yet it also gives you a strong desire for acceptance and approval. It can be common for people born under this numerology to develop people-pleasing tendencies from early on in life

Developing musical or artistic skills (or even collections) can be very good for this numerology, because of the mixture of creativity, knowledge, and expressiveness involved. Plus, it will give you the opportunity to entertain others, which will create happiness for you and everyone else.

Communication and expressiveness are generally keys to success for this Numerology

But you have to learn to avoid sarcastic or snide comments in your presentations. You’re a natural communicator, and the better you get at it, the further this gift will take you in life. If you learn to forgive yourself, you’ll find that you attract fewer situations that you feel unprepared to cope with. Lastly, don’t deny yourself opportunities to socialize.

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More on the Achievement Number

The Achievement Number is also used to calculate Personal Year Numbers.

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