The Achievement number is a guiding light in your Numerology Chart.

It’s a number that directs you to your potential…. yet how much do YOU know about it?

Because the vibration of the Achievement Number is hidden within other numbers (unlike the core numbers of Life PathDestiny and Soul Urge) it indicates personal challenges. In fact, you may even be operating in the shadow of your achievement number, without even realizing it.

If you’re new to this part of your numerology chart, HEAD HERE to learn more about the Achievement number and how to calculate it. Otherwise, read on for your reading of Achievement Number 22…

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Twelve is the second of the Master Numbers.

In Numerology, this is a special group of numbers that hold exceptionally strong frequencies. Carrying meaning and power from both the 2 and the 4, this Master Number can be a challenge to possess, anywhere it appears in a numerology chart. Yet it also brings huge potential.


Achievement Number 22 describes someone who is organized, and practical, yet also highly intuitive and connected to other people.

Often referred to by Numerologists as “the Mastermind” this number often brings with it skills that are just that – hubs of ideas, efficiency, and planning.

Yet this Achievement number brings SO much more than just ideas!

The 4 here brings down-to-earth, practical skills, plus the power of manifestation and tangible creation.

The number 2 (as a double-digit) offers charisma and interpersonal skills.


The person with Master Number 22 as their Achievement Number has likely been popular since birth, yet may struggle with personal boundaries. Any number in numerology, that includes some version of the 2 is usually sensitive, intuitive and even empathic. For this reason, learning to say “no” and holding personal space is vital.

Almost everyone with this vibration in a prominent position in their Numerology charts has a sense of deep mission. They are tapped into Source, and need a spiritual core to everything they do.

You will thrive if you can muster the forces you need to carry out this divine plan.. whatever it may be. 

Whatever you plan to achieve with your life – especially if it has the potential to affect a large number of people – will need involvement and collaboration with other people.

Usually, those with the 22 in their charts need to become master delegators. You have the ideas, and YES, you DO have the practical know-how, but you are only one person! So it’s necessary for you to let go, and allow other people to take some control. Let your intuition guide you with this, and you can’t go wrong with this numerology.

However, if you insist on ruthlessly pursuing personal wealth and power, you will run into resistance and opposition, even from within yourself. So instead, try not to be manipulative or greedy. Try not to be a perfectionist. Share the wealth! Success will still be yours.

This numerology carries an exceptionally powerful energy that needs a proper channel. You can manifest your dreams, and have real success in helping to change the way many other people live their lives too if you have the will and the strength to push forward.

Realize that this isn’t an easy vibration to bear.

The Numerology of all master numbers come with a great deal of emotional and psychic tension, that can cause trouble if you suppress the ambition that drives you.

Learning to put in the focused effort to fulfill your ambitions will help you to channels this energy in a positive way.

The good news is, that unless you follow a path of unchecked greed without concern for others, you’ll gain the support of those who can help you manifest your ideas.

Although you have a gift for seeing the big picture, you also need to pay attention to the little details without getting lost in them, and this maybe where other people can help you out.

Many people will appreciate and enjoy your company because of your big dreams; you should never put them on the back burner.

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More on the Achievement Number…

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