july 22 cosmic numerologyCosmic wake-up call! Step through the doorway and into a high-caliber spiritual vibration (the number 7) anchored with the most powerful energy in numerology – the Master number 22.

This is what 7/22 has in store for you.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

The energy of the day is a perfect amalgam of the mystical number 7 and the high-achieving Master number 22. And while this is a mystical, magical, intensely high-octane portal of energy, it’s also not for the faint of heart or for those lacking conviction. Whoever said it would be easy, right?

Your mission – should you choose to accept it! – is to open your mind, body, and soul to your highest spiritual and material calling. And get going on it! This is the day to define your terms, close the door to the “meh” you (that you’re already wanting to oust from your life anyway), and visualize and act upon something that might feel tremendously out of your current comfort zone, yet it’s prodding you like a persistent toddler.

7/22 Power Numbers

The combination of the spiritual and analytical 7 and the super-charged and hard-working 22 can propel you to pursue your greatest heights. Yet it won’t happen overnight or like a lightning bolt – thank goodness – because have you ever been struck by lightning? I actually know someone who has been and believe me, it hurts – if you live to tell about it. No, this energy is positioning you for the long haul – to the mission you can’t not do.

11 Master Number To Top It Off!

And if that weren’t enough, the 7 and the 22 adds to 29. And 29 (2 + 9) adds to 11. The Master number 11 is yet another powerful energy bringing a more etheric and dreamy quality – this is the time to dream the dream, visualize and create. Yet the 22 can bring it all down to earth to be manifested on terra firma. Yet it won’t be a frolic, per se. It takes vision, organization, and a commitment to the step-by-step processes that it will take to build your enterprise, whether that’s a relationship, a product or project, a job, a spiritual shift, or a health turn-around.

So Numerologically speaking, 7/22 is a red-letter day for clearing your field of intention and setting your sights on acting on what you know to be your higher spiritual purpose, no matter what that is for you. Dig deep and set the stage for a new and evolved you. Just know that it starts here and now, with small doable steps and an enthusiastic vision. Remember – it’s not the moment to set a superficial or disposable goal. This is an important turning point if you choose to take yourself and your desires seriously. Tap into how you feel and get ready to move through the blood, sweat, joy, and tears to get to the next level in your life’s journey.

About Felicia Bender, Ph.D

Felicia Bender Ph.D – The Practical Numerologist is the author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You. She’s passionate about helping people use numerology as a tool to improve their everyday lives. She’s a contributor for The Elephant Journal, The Numinous, and is resident numerologist for AstroStyle.com. See her at FeliciaBender.com.

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