Why You Should RUN If You See These 13 Terrifying Numbers

You may not have really thought about it, but sometimes, numbers are terrifying…

For some, numbers are terrifying because of their lifelong negative experience with it in math lessons…

For others, numbers are terrifying because they remind them of looming deadlines…

Experiencing a negative credit rating or less than an affluent bank balance will fill anyone with horror.

Beyond the mundane, every day reasons for hating certain numbers, however, numbers have significance and symbolism that show their terrifying power. Certain numbers have been traditionally regarded as unlucky and even evil.

Are there numbers you avoid in your life? Are you terrified of these numbers enough to develop a phobia?

The following is a rundown of the most significant 13 occult numbers that foretell horror, bad luck, and struggle.

Get a heads up on these numbers and decide for yourself if you need to arm yourself against them and devise ways to avoid them to have more luck, prosperity, and better frequencies in your life.

Number 4

The Number of Death

Number four is associated with something dark and horrific in China. The Chinese word for the number four is similar to their word for death. The Chinese are very superstitious, and because of this, they regard the number four with much fear and disdain. Many buildings in China will skip the fourth floor. The number four has a sound very similar to (sǐ), the Chinese word for death. Chinese superstition with a number four is so prevalent that it is avoided in other things such as phone numbers, license plates, ID numbers, and product names.

If a house or apartment has a number four in it, the property will sell for much lower. The aversion for number four is so intense; it is almost at taboo. When you mention number four to an ill family member, it is considered offensive. If you give anyone anything that bears the number four, it is even considered a death threat. China avoids the number four so intensely that they even skipped bidding for the Olympics in 2004 and instead settled for 2008!

Number 9

The Number of Torture

The number nine has a bad luck connotation, which is similar to the Chinese treatment of number four. This number is widely feared in Japan because it sounds similar to the Japanese word for torture or suffering, which is ku. When written, this sound means pain. Usually, this number is purposefully muttered when someone wants to make a threat or curse. It is considered a taboo number in Japan. Only the single integer nine has a bad sound and is considered unlucky.

When the number nine is used combined with other numbers, it is not considered threatening or unlucky. The Japanese can be highly superstitious and regard this number with dread. If this number ever gets carved or written in public spaces such as schools by vandals, it really spooks onlookers, and they perceive it as a death threat. Another thing that should be noted is combs are rarely given as presents in Japan. In the Japanese language, combs are pronounced as Kushi; it bears the root “ku,” which is again evocative of the number nine and the word for torture and suffering.

Number 17

My Life Is Over

For Italians, they are superstitious about the number 17. When the roman numeral of 17, which is XVII is rearranged, it can create the word VIXI which translated from Latin will mean “my life is over”. This number is considered a temptation for death and is considered as unlucky as the number 13.

Because of this, many hotels and properties in Italy will not have a 17th floor. People are especially spooked by the number 17, especially if the number falls on a Friday. For Italians, Friday the 17th is a day to be vigilant and arm yourself with all the good luck items you can have to counter this dreaded unlucky day. Similar to the Chinese, the Italians remove the number 17 on their airlines, street numbers, and many others. It will help you know the significance of number 17 in Italian culture to avoid gaffes when dealing with local people who believe in this superstition.

Number 39

The Dead Cow

In another regional specific superstition, the number 39 is dreaded in Afghanistan. More than an unlucky number, it is associated with the dregs of society.  The number nine translates into “morda gow” which means “dead cow”. Moreover, it is also a popular slang for procurer of prostitutes or pimps. Thus, whenever people encounter a license plate with the number 39 on it, they will be rushing the opposite direction, fast.

However, much of the notoriety associated with the number 39 may have been man-made. Dealers of cars and those who work under the Mafia may have fostered the rumors about the number 39, so they can purchase cars with the 39 plates at a cheaper price and sell them back for a higher profit after changing the plates. Having the number 39 on your license plates, mobile phone, apartment number, letterbox, and many others immediately gives you a bad rep.

If someone calls another person 39, it is considered an insult and has even caused a fight between Parliament nominees. However, many imams or holy priests tried to allay the public’s fears with the number 39, citing that Islamic texts will have verses at number 39. However, this does not stop people from believing the superstition and associating the number with shame.


The Number of the Beast

This number is deeply entrenched in the Christian world’s consciousness as something not only unlucky but also extremely evil. This number is discussed in the book of Revelations, which prophesies future times. The Bible has a chilling message about the 666 number saying that it is the number of the Antichrist that will come to hold dominion over the Earth before the salvation of the second coming of the true Christ. As the beast holds dominion of the Earth, it has been said that:

… No man might buy or sell, unless he has the market for the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

There have been many theories about the nature of the beast about this number. Some attribute this number to Nero of Rome. The name of Nero Caesar in Hebrew Gematria translates to 666 and is the secret code of people who are speaking against the Emperor. However, some Christian scholars argue that the beast number points to a future prophetic event that is yet to come and will fulfill the following events:

… All dwelling earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

Scholars argue that the beast cannot refer to Nero because this prophecy was written 30 years after his death. However, some Greek astrologers believe that Nero will be resurrected and reclaim his power.

Chilling. Will an ancient Emperor resurrect as a modern man and rule us all in the iron-fisted way of an era gone by? Greek soothsayers seem to think so.

For John the Apostle, this number is the sign of the devil himself. If you fear the 666 number to an irrational degree, you may have Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia quite a long tongue twister reference to a 666 phobia.

Number 13

The Unluckiest Number

Do your hairs stand on end when you encounter the number 13? Your phobia has a name. Prepare to say the tongue twister Triskaidekaphobes (tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a).

This phobia is an extreme superstition with regards to the number 13. This number is regarded as unlucky all over the world, especially when it falls on a Friday. A lot of unfortunate events can be blamed on this number. The Apollo 13 lunar spacecraft launch was nearly wrecked in 1970. However, many skeptics will say that it is not so unlucky since it was able to return to Earth safely.

Other spacecraft didn’t have the same fate and completely exploded. In fact, they say the Apollo 13 crew are some of the luckiest people on the planet. There are other attributions of the number 13, especially the Bible. The number is associated with Judas Iscariot, who is said to be the 13th person to arrive during the Last Supper. However, the negative connotation of 13 goes far back. The number 12 is considered heavenly and auspicious, and the additional number, which forms 13, spoils the balance of the number 12.

The Number Three

Will It Be Luck or Bad Luck?

The number three is held to be very lucky in many instances. The number is associated with the Holy Trinity, which is found in Christianity as well as Islam. There are three main holy sites in Islam. In paganism, many traditions celebrate the trinity of land, sea, and air, which all make up the Earth. It is also viewed that the third time is the luckiest, and success will come at this point after two failures. Thus, the terms third time lucky and third time’s a charm is often stated when attempting something for the third time.

However, number three can also bring bad luck. Some superstitions believe that unfortunate events happen in threes. Some traditions follow that if you break three fragile items in your house, you should break two or more items to prevent breaking more expensive items. However, some skeptics would say that the significance of three is psychological. The mind considers the third time as a closure to negative events. If the third time has been reached, it will be the last event or the last chance in many instances.


Three Deaths in a Row

If your cell number happens to be the number above, you might think you are quite lucky. Not only is it easy to remember and recall, but it also bears the number eight multiple times. The number eight is lucky in many cultures around the world. However, a particular instance in Bulgaria has caused widespread fear for this number combination. Many believe that this number is cursed. This number is regarded to give a death sentence to its owner. The first person who had this mobile number died an excruciating struggle with an aggressive form of Cancer.

The second person who owned this number was shot on the street for no reason. The third owner of this number likewise died from gunshots on the street. News spread about this number, and no one will have anything to do with it. Because of this, the mobile phone company that runs this number, Mobitel, has canceled it because of public fear. Any person who attempts to call this number will get a prerecorded message that the number is outside network coverage.

Number 7

The Ghost Month

China’s culture is ambivalent with the number seven. It has positive and negative connotations. The sound of number seven is similar to the terms:  start, rise, and vital energy. Seven is also seen as lucky for relationships. However, the unlucky side of seven is something that is widely avoided in Chinese superstition.

On the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar, the ghost month starts. On this month, hellish ghosts are believed to rise from hell to dwell on the Earth. During ghost month, the ghosts of the underworld walk the Earth to wreak havoc. They bring a lot of negative energy, so establishments and business owners are advised to cease certain activities. It is not recommended to start a new business, sign contracts, and do renovations on the ghost month.

Just like with Friday, the 13th, it will help if you powered up with your lucky arsenal to counter the negative vibrations. The number seven may also be considered unlucky with the way it sounds. This integer is similar to the word “cheat” in Chinese.

Number 11

The Master Number

When a master number lands on the personal chart, it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives the possibility of great success, but it will come after much sacrifice and upheaval. People seem to have a synchronistic connection with the number 11. In many cases, people report that they oddly find themselves staring at the clock at precisely 11:11. They also find themselves waking up at 11 in the evening. Many strange events can be linked to this number.

The September attacks on the twin towers happened on the 11th, it is also notable that the twin towers of the World Trade Centers stand side-by-side to form a gigantic number 11. September 11 is also considered to be the 254th day of the year, which by adding 2+5+4 equals the number 11. The first airplane to crash into the towers was flight 11, which had 11 crewmen and 92 passengers, wherein 9+2 equals 11. The presence of the number 11 doesn’t stop there. New York City, as well as Afghanistan, will each have 11 letters each. Many conspiracy theorists point to the significance of this number in this tragic event.

In numerology, the number 11 is considered a high-frequency number, and not many bearers of this number can handle it. In some cases, they are advised to change their name to withstand the vibrations better. If this number is in your chart, it is considered crucial to practice good karma and use its power constructively for the good of all.

Numerology’s Malefic Numbers

Malefic numbers can appear in the personal chart either as a Soul number, Destiny Number, Personality Number, or Life Path Number. These numbers are considered to have karmic baggage behind them. The malefic numbers are 14, 16, and 19. Why are they so bad? When they appear in your chart, it signals that a power you possessed has been misused and abused in the past. In this lifetime, you may be called on to correct the karmic balance.

Malefic Number 14

The symbolism of the number 14 is the physical and sensual side of life. It can signal some form of loss, such as the death of a loved one, fortune, or being held back in one’s career. If your destiny number is calculated as number 14 before being reduced to the number five, there will be some negative undertones. It may foretell dashed hopes. So, it is crucial to be extremely grounded and realistic in any enterprise. It will help if you don’t look at the future with rose-colored glasses but rather hope for the best and don’t count your chickens until they hatched. When this number appears in the Soul number before being reduced to number five, there may be rough waters in one’s romantic life. Relationships will not be running smoothly, and there will be constants turbulence. When this appears as a Life path number, it teaches the lesson not to be clingy with people, even those you hold close to your heart, and you want to own. Learn to let go.

Malefic Number 16

This number is related to vulnerability and sensuality. This number symbolizes fallen power, humiliation, and discontent. If the Destiny number falls on the 16, it may connote the loss of a good name. False investments may occur, and trouble in one’s professional and social life may happen. You may have been in a once high position, but credibility, respect and power was lost. When this appears as a Soul number, there may be a disappointment in romantic relationships. You may suffer a broken heart, and friends may not turn out the way you expect them to be. There is a possibility that children will be a disappointment. If this appears in the Personality Number, it can indicate loss of vitality and health. When number 16 appears as a Life path number, there may be a rise and fall in power. It may indicate that you would rather adopt an apathetic attitude rather than risk being hurt.

Malefic Number 19

This number may signal extreme suffering. It is a difficult vibration to handle. A person may experience extreme suffering in the absence of spiritual growth. This number may result in breakups in marriages, the misuse of power, and a serious test of one’s limitations. If your destiny number falls on the 19, you must review your lessons throughout life. You may feel that you are running a race with little rewards. Although you may be expending time, money, and energy, you often experience loss and disappointment. When the number 19 appears as a Soul number, you might find yourself exposed for who you truly are. Thus, it is crucial to be authentic and lay your cards on the table rather than risk a broken heart and humiliation. If your personality number falls on this number, you may have difficulty earning other people’s trust. If this appears as a Life path number, it is crucial to balance karma in one’s life. Everything comes at a price, including freedom. The universe returns what is sent out.

So, have you encountered any of these at 13 occult numbers lately? Do they appear in your chart? Numbers foretell vibrations and frequencies that we have to deal with and control. It teaches lessons on how to navigate life with wisdom. Do you think you need extra protection from these numbers?

Leave your comments below. Share your particular experience with any number that has a scary significance for you!

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