You can find your guided audio at the end of this post.

Imagine that you are standing at the entrance of a winding tunnel. It stretches out before you and leads out in many directions. Carefully select which pathway to follow as you start to explore this vast underground labyrinth.

As I count back from 10 to 1 you will reach a crossroads. Pause there for a while. Make your choice and follow the path deeper into the earth. Notice the sounds of this alluring environment.

What do you observe? You may hear the sounds of droplets of water falling upon the rocks or the echo of your footsteps as you walk slowly into the darkness.

Stretching before you is a trail meandering through the cave and you feel compelled to venture on and explore the depths of the labyrinth. Notice the colors of the rocks above your head. You feel safe and secure as you move deeper and deeper into this magical kingdom.

You are feeling more and more at peace and have the feeling you have been here before although strangely you can not remember when.

All of a sudden in the distance you notice a series of doorways carved out of the rock. Each one leads to a secret room where you will get to meet a spirit guide to take you deeper into the labyrinth. This can take the form of an angel, a loved one in spirit or even one of the Ancient Master. Select your door and open it. Whom can you see in front of you? Ask them for their name? What message do they have to pass onto you? You notice that they are carrying a torch or candle to illuminate the way as you are guided deeper and deeper into the labyrinth. You are feeling completely at peace and restful int heir presence.

PinIt gets quieter and quieter the deeper you go until you find yourself in a secret chamber. Utter serenity passes through you rest your mind there almost in suspended animation. You want to stay here forever.

You curiously look around you and notice a by your shoulder that there is a hole in the wall. You feel compelled to reach inside and you discover something especially for you. This unique gift could be a symbol of some sort, a memory or a treasured belonging from your past. Whatever, it is you can either pick it up and take it with you or leave it where it is and just take the memory of it back to the physical world.

Your guide now takes a hold of your hand and leads you towards another doorway at the back of the chamber. This is an entrance to an elevator which will take you safely back into the daylight.

You enter the lift and look around you. Press the ground floor button and watch the numbers as you journey up and up. Each floor you pass the more and more aware you become of your surroundings.

Now simply return to the breath. Breathing in, holding and then breathing out. As you breathe out imagine any last remaining tension leaving your body.

Notice how you are feeling now. Just sit with that for a few moments before starting to become more aware of the weight of the body in your chair or on the floor. Listening out for any sounds that you can hear either close up or far away and in your own time as I count up from 5 to 1 you climb the last remaining stairs and you begin to become more aware of your physical surroundings and when you open your eyes you are feeling better than before with the memory of the item you discovered in the ancient chamber.

Opening your eyes and taking a deep breathe and enjoy having a stretch to welcome back in the day…