“Perpetual worry will get you to just one place ahead of time, the cemetery…”

Yet worrying is probably the most common and socially acceptable habit. It is surely more widely accepted than practicing the Law of Attraction or manifesting positive intentions. Ironic isn’t it?

Unfortunately, many of us are chronic worry warts… we worry we won’t make enough money or we worry we’ll always be alone or we worry we’ll miss the bus…

And when it comes to the Law of Attraction, most of us are unaware of how much this habit negatively influences our ability to manifest the life we want.

In my video below, I talk about why we MUST stop worrying and share a special guest video from a remarkable guy, Andy Shaw, on how to finally kick this harmful habit.

Are you a perpetual worrier? Do you find that, no matter how hard you try, the Law of Attraction seems to work in the OPPOSITE direction?

We’ve all been there so STOP worrying that you’re a worrier and start taking control of your thinking. ;)

It’s easier than you think to break the habit and to help you get there, Andy has given the Numerologist Community exclusive access to what he calls the Success Thinking Series. It’s a collection of 6 mp3’s designed to change your default mindset to one of optimism, desire, and confidence, rather than fear or worry.

It’s a pretty cool Law of Attraction tool…

And what’s awesome about Andy is that he’s just a regular guy from the U.K. (yup, you heard that accent!) that figured out a way to simplify these powerful concepts so that anyone can implement them immediately… even if you’ve never practiced manifesting before. Click below to get your free Success Thinking Series.

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Much love and Hakuna Matata!