Candle magic is one of the oldest forms of energy work spanning across time and tradition. Fire is one of the four elements of creation and holds the energy of transmutation, regeneration and raw potential.

For this reason, we light candles to ignite our prayers and intentions, to give life to our desires and to burn up or transform negative energy in our lives into positive potential.

You hold in your hand a vehicle of change to help you call upon your own inner magic and illicit your desired change. A candle is just an energetic tool to help you align with your desire, the more intentional you are with this desire, the more potent the magic.


Working With Candles

When working with intention candles consider what you are working for. Your intention or desire is the heart of the magic. If you are drawing something into your life, imagine the candle as a light luring your desire like a moth to the flame. If you are clearing something from your life imagine as the candle melts and begins to disappear so too does the block or place of resistance.

Start with a fresh white candle. White is the color of intent and can be imprinted with any desire you wish. As you deepen your understanding of ceremony, magic and the power of vibration you can incorporate different colors and types of candles. But to begin with, a simple white tea light or emergency candle will work well.

You can work a candle ceremony by simply taking a fresh candle, carving a word or phrase into the wax that crystallizes your desire, then holding it in your hand and visualizing what you would like to create. To activate the energy cup the candle in your hands and breathe into it three times infusing your essence with the power of fire for change and creation. Light it!


Here is a ceremony to cleanse and clear misaligned or negative energy blocks from your life:

1. Make a List

Take a fresh sheet of paper and write out all the things you wish to rid yourself of. Make a list, write a letter or name them one by one. At the bottom of your list write out: This and all other blocks, resistance and negative influences are cleared, cleansed and released from my life in all directions of time and space.

2. Fold It Up

Now take fold the sheet of paper in two, folding away from yourself and then place underneath the candleholder you will burn your candle on.

3. Candle Time

Hold your candle in both hands or gaze at it softly while concentrating on your list, the things you wish to release, and your ultimate desire to be free. Do this for a few minutes until you feel complete.

4. Light It Up

Place your candle on a safe surface (I like a plate with tinfoil covering it). Light the candle still keeping your intention in mind. Repeat out loud or in your mind:
This and all other blocks, resistance and negative influences are cleared, cleansed and released from my life in all directions of time and space.

Allow the candle to burn for down completely or for a few minutes each night until complete. Should you extinguish and relight the candle make sure to use a snuffer and to repeat your intention each time you light.

Remember: Always practice caution with fire and remember the magic is in your, the candle is just a tool to help you create this change!