Do you ever wish you could stand out, just a little?

When you’re out with your girls you would love to be noticed by that cute guy! But it’s always your friend he’s always looking at…

You want your blog or insta to blow up, but no one is paying any attention…

When you go to job interviews it seems you just blend into the crowd, one face of many…

Look Me Over oil is a Hoodoo style formula that works to draw eyes to you, or your creations and products. It is used when you want to add a little dazzle when dating, to draw new friendships, or at parties. It can also be used to stand out in business, in the workplace, during job interviews, or at other events.

Use Look Me Over Oil whenever you wish to draw more positive attention to yourself, whatever the reason maybe.

Look Me Over Hoodoo Formula

You will need…

  • Rose: hips, petals or essential oil
    For drawing good fortune and love attraction
  • Cinnamon: crushed, powdered or essential oil
    Brings good luck in business and “games of chance”
  • Lodestone: or magnetite, or a magnet
    Used as a strong attractor for whatever your intention is
  • Catnip: leaves or essential oil
    Commonly used as a love herb, used for drawing and attraction
  • Carrier Oil: this will make up the “bulk” of your oil. You can use any of the following… olive oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, vegetable oil, liquid coconut oil.. etc.
  • Bottle or Jar with a lid

The Steps…

1. Hold each ingredient in your hand. Concentrate. What do you want this ingredient to do for you? (Hint: the basic intention is written under each item)

2. Hold each herb in your hands and speak to it. This will empower and “awaken” each herb for magical use, while infusing it with your specific intention. (Hint: think about what you are going to use your Look Me Over Oil for.)

For example, hold the rose and say “I bless and empower you to bring good luck into my love life. May I attract the eyes of attractive men who are available, and open to being in a relationship.”

Once you have empowered each herb place it into your bottle.

3. When you are done top the bottle with your chosen carrier oil.

4. Gently shake your Look Me Over formula and visualize being noticed, drawing eyes and attention. Do this step each day for at least 3 days before using it.

how to make look me over oil

How To Use “Look Me Over”

You’re using powerful ingredients, so a little goes a long way!

Dab a little Look Me Over Oil on yourself before hitting the town for a night out.

Rub a drop of oil on your hands before entering a job interview, or going into a meeting with your boss.

If you are selling an item anoint it with a few drops of oil.

If you are selling or renting a house press a drop of oil into each side of the front doors’ frames.

For greater attention online either print an image of your online picture or logo, or write your online business or personal name/s on a piece of paper and rub them with Look Me Over.

Remember as you anoint yourself or anything else with this oil – visualize or speak what you want the oil do for you!


  • No magic is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. This formula can be used as a BOOST to putting yourself, or your work “out there”. You won’t get results if you don’t do what you can in the physical world!So put your best foot forward with a little Look Me Over on and no doubt you will see amazing results!
  • I know some of us may think it is “bad” to desire attention – many of our momma’s taught us that. But for those of you who are familiar with astrology, we ALL have a little Leo in us!

    Attention in and of itself is not a bad thing my love!

Wishing you all the best!

Owlvine xx

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