Have you ever encountered your spiritual guides?

Being a modern-day human isn’t easy. Sure we’re the richest and most comfortable generation who has ever lived. We have the world at our finger tips through the internet, our phones and other fan-dangled technology. Food is abundant, entertainment options abound, and we can do anything we set our minds to.

We are incredibly blessed to live in this era! But with all this stuff we have access to we haven’t simplified our lives, as was predicted. No, with all our conveniences and comforts we have actually vastly increased the level of complication the average human will grapple with in their lifetime.

Think about it, all our ancestors had to do was hunt and collect food, prepare and eat food, procreate, take care of the next generation and protect themselves from harsh elements and wild beasts. That’s no picnic! And while it was a gargantuan task for our fore-bearers just to survive, their day to day lives and decisions were relatively simple.

Jump ahead into the present and we’re considering the schools we want to go to, how we can afford college tuition for our kids, or what we want to be when we grow up, what job we should apply for next, how we’re going to stretch our paycheck to cover all our expenses, and maybe dad’s right, is John really right for me?

So many things! Every day we are faced with an incredible amount of decisions to make, and how the heck are we supposed to figure out what the best choice for us is?

listen to your spiritual guides

Good news! We are each born with a guidance team. Depending on your beliefs you may think of this as your soul, guides, ancestors, spirits, angels, higher self or something else. Whatever the face and name you feel comfortable with it or they do the same job – help us figure out which is the BEST move for us to make next.

If you ask your guidance team to help you make decisions you will quickly notice how much smoother and more enjoyable life becomes! That is because this part of ourselves, or this connection is one that always, always serves our highest good. It loves to be asked for help and it generous with that help!

Give it a try. Choose one decision or area of life you need guidance in and follow these four simple steps.


Who are your spiritual guides?

This step is optional (and one that may just come with time) but it can be easier to feel connected to our spiritual guides when we have even a vague face and or name for them. I have worked with animal guides, angelic guides and also what I refer to simply as Soul. Play with this and see what resonates for you.

who are your spiritual guides?


Build a relationship

This will create a sense of trust and connection that you can rely upon. You can create a simple shrine (i.e. special space) in honor of your guides, or you can add a little something for them on your altar if you already have one. Perhaps you’d like to come up with a simple prayer you can repeat, or speak to them from your heart. Maybe you feel a little ritual would work best.

I have a small bowl of water on my altar for my guides. I renew the water each day and as I place it on my altar I say, “for my spiritual guides, guardians and helper spirits; thank you for being with me.” It takes all of one minute and it has dramatically deepened my connection with my guidance team.



What do you need help understanding? What decision are you grappling with? Take a deep breath, open yourself to your spirit guides and ask for what you need.

connect with your spiritual guides


Open your heart and let go

This is the hardest step, but it’s also the key! Once you have asked your guides for help, trust that they have got it under control and will be back with you shortly! Having complete faith that you will receive your answer is vital. Let go of expectations, timelines and stresses – put them down for now, you can pick them up again later if you need them.

Keep your heart open. Your spiritual guides will likely speak to you in unusual ways! They’ll speak through synchronistic events, other people, nature, sudden knowing’s or thoughts, even facebook! You’ll know it’s them because you’ll get a little feeling – or the thing will really jump out at you.

So go ahead, ask your guides for help with that decision you’ve been grappling with – they’re already on standby!

Owlvine xx

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