Everyone is an Empath: Here’s How to Keep Yourself Safe!

Ever shake someone’s hand or walk through a room and suddenly feel off center, confused, or maybe even a bit sick? If so, you may have picked up someone’s negative energy, and you may be an empath. An empath is someone who receives the emotions and energy from other people as though it is their own.

While some people are more prone to an empathic response, the truth is, everyone lives somewhere along a spectrum — from a little open, to wide open to the energy of others. Empathy is a healthy helpful part of being human – but it can also be a challenging one if you don’t know how to protect yourself from too much baggage!

Talismans to the Rescue

An energy protection talisman is an easy, subtle way to create a protective filter for yourself, and carry it with you. Talismans are objects that have been charged with the power to increase your natural psychic gifts.

In this case, the talisman will thicken your filter and strengthen your boundaries, so that good energy can still flow while bad energy gets turned away. Any object can be a talisman, as long as it is charged and dedicated with intention. A favorite piece of jewelry is a perfect place to start. Wear it under your clothes, or as a part of your daily adornment.

Sun and Salt Talisman for Empaths

What you’ll need: a piece of jewelry, a dinner plate, some sea salt or table salt, and a sunny day.

Step One

Choose your jewelry. Something with personal meaning, or made from a naturally protective material is best. Most dark colored stones, like jet, tourmaline, or smoky quartz, are great protectors.

Step Two

Begin in the morning, with the jewelry, salt, and plate in front of you. Take a deep gentle breath and allow your focus to settle into your body. Do a quick mental scan, noticing any tension or areas of heavy energy.

Step Three

Take another deep gentle breath. Imagine a flame of violet light in your heart center. Take one more breath and allow the light to radiate through and around your body. The violet light clears, cleanses, and releases all the heavy energy.

Step Four

Place the jewelry on a plate and pour a ring of salt in a circle around it.

Step Five

Hold both palms above the plate. Take a moment to feel and gather the protective fierce power of the sun around you. Say:

Clean and clear and circled round.
As I am now, through sun, confirm.
To each their own, and love all round.
With this token, my filter is firm!

Step Six

Leave the plate in the sun until sundown. Then shake the salt out onto the earth, and your talisman is ready to wear! Place it in the sun to recharge and reset every week or so.

Raven Hinojosa

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