By Veronica Schultz

Being a witch has always come with its trials. The rich, winding path of magick certainly isn’t for those who want to avoid life’s challenges!

In saying that, there are some historic periods that have been markedly worse for witches than others. Luckily for all of us who are magickal now, over the last 69 years, we have seen a huge spike in the worldwide acceptance of witches and other spiritual folk.

In the western world it all began in 1951 when the “Witchcraft Act” was repealed in the UK. This meant that magickal practitioners and spiritualists were no longer legally put to death for the crime of simply being mystical!  Shortly after this law was abolished, Wicca began to spread throughout England and abroad. In 1986, it was officially recognized as a religion in the United States.

The more recent rise in the popularity of magick can largely be traced back to the tremendous impact of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Her work was likely the number one reason that magick was so widely embraced in our modern world. From her books to the movies inspired by them, and all of the merchandise that followed, she had awoken the masses to magick in a fresh, relatable way.

These days, many modern witches around the world have numerous avenues to practice their craft and express their unique magick. Here are three tips from a witch in the know, to help you build your craft and deepen your magickal experience!

Magickal woman in the forest

Tip #1

Educate Yourself

Witchcraft is a journey, not a destination. One of the most beautiful things about living a magickal life is knowing there is always something new and exciting to learn!

Keep your mind open as you walk your path, study anything and everything that interests you, and experiment with the things you learn. This will lead to many rich and rewarding experiences.

By reading and consuming lots of magickal information, you will come across many opinions about what you can and cannot do in your practice. The best way to dispel the myths is to get educated!


Tip #2

Source Magickal Tools Locally

There are many ways to gather magickal tools and ingredients in an inexpensive way. By using what we have available to us, we are honoring the practice of the witches who came before us… who made use of the plants, natural landscape and utilitarian tools available to them.

When you are on a walk, or go on an outing to your local nature place, keep your eyes open for any sticks, leaves, feathers, stones, or other interesting bits of nature to collect. These items are perfect to use in your spell work and to decorate your magickal space.
You can offer a lock of your hair, some water, or pick up some rubbish in exchange for the things you gather.

Buy herbs from your local store or farmer’s market. They can be fresh or dried. The herb and spices aisle is full of magickal ingredients at inexpensive prices.

When looking for tools and altar decorations raid your local charity stores for unique and beautiful pieces. You will be surprised at the treasures you can find there!


Tip #3

Don’t Get Caught Up In Labels

Witchcraft opens up a wide world of possibility. Because the magickal terrain is so incredibly vast it gives most of us the inclination, especially at the beginning of our path, to find a comfortable niche with a neat label to define ourselves with.

But this usually results in self-restriction, which can seriously stunt our growth as magickal and spiritual beings. So if you can resist the temptation to don labels, your journey of expansion will be easier in the end!

If you do find labels you like, by all means, take them on. But try to think of them as part of a collection you will gather, rather than a fixed representation of who you are. Be open to new experiences and fresh magickal experimentation.


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