It’s that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when I start to want to clean out my closets, switch out my bedding and throw the doors and windows open to fresh air and the energy of new beginnings. And even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere you can do the type of spring cleaning I am writing about today.

It’s not just your home and surroundings that get stagnant if you don’t move the energy from time to time. Your mind also needs a good freshening up. With the energy of the New Moon in Aries just behind us it is the best time to consider the core beliefs you might hold of how you see yourself, others, the world around you and what is possible for you now and in future.

Core Beliefs are important stuff and when you aren’t conscious of what they truly are, it is very much like the photo above. Having core beliefs that don’t support the life you want to create is like struggling through a barren landscape carrying an elephant on your back. You would like to put the elephant down – it would be so much easier to move forward without that enormous weight on your back – but most likely you are not even aware you are moving through life so burdened by your core beliefs.

So first you have to discover your core beliefs.

Here’s how you do it:

1)  Try out an affirmation such as:  Money flows easily to me, more than I ever need. This is a popular form of an affirmation you might learn when you work with the law of attraction and abundance mindsets.

2)  Now take that statement and add a ‘but’, such as:  Money flows easily to me, more than I ever need, but . . . The purpose of the ‘but’ is to see what comes up. If you are totally in alignment with the affirmation you are using then nothing will arise. If you are not, or if you have core beliefs that go counter to the affirmation, the ‘but’ will bring them to the fore.

3)  Write down any ‘buts’ that come up – these will be your core beliefs. And core beliefs cannot be shifted if you remain unconscious about them. Once you recognize one, then you can work to create a new one that supports who you are in the present and what you want to create for yourself in the future.

4)  So following along with this example, let’s say that in step (3) you heard yourself thinking ‘this abundance stuff is a bunch of crap.  The only people getting rich with this are the ones selling us the programs about it.’ And that may be only the first thing that comes up. Once you start engaging your core belief system you’ll be amazed at what will pour out.

Try this out with a few areas in your life.  Here are some examples:

  • I am attractive and desirable, but . . .
  • I deserve all good always, but . . .
  • I am smart, talented and loveable, but . . .

Just play with some of these. You may hear things like ‘it’s not possible’ or ‘but I need to lose 20 pounds.’

Once you identify what you truly believe then you can create some affirmations that will help you shift those beliefs to ones that support all of who you are.

Here’s how create your own affirmation master plan:

1)  Visualize your desired state. Visualization helps you get at the yearning for change and longing is a powerful emotion. Visualization as an early step will also yield ideas for affirmations. Then you can apply the ‘but’ exercise and see if a core belief that goes contrary to that comes up. With that in hand, you can create an affirmation much more specific that will be truly addressing the change you need.

2)  Affirmations should be hand-written – connecting head to hand to heart is an important part of the process of change and manifestation.

3)  Affirmations should be written in the present tense, in the first person and have emotional language in them.

4)  Affirmations should be written in a way that sounds like your own voice. These are your affirmations and no one else’s so the more your authentic voice can be heard in the words, the better.

5)  Once you have a couple of affirmations that feel really right for you, make sure to focus on them every day and repeat them for a few minutes daily. You can do that walking on the treadmill, while making breakfast, before you fall asleep at night or while standing in the shower. Fill your mind with the affirmations of the shift you want to see happen.

6)  Change the affirmations (refine them) as needed. You will learn as you work with affirmations that other aspects may come up that help you realize the affirmation needs more clarity or even other words. So refine as needed and keep the process going.

Once you have had success with one aspect your life, then you can move on to the next. You have now a repeatable approach to help you figure out not only what you truly believe but also how to create a new mind-set to empower core beliefs that support all of who you are and who you are becoming.

Here are a few affirmations that I like to use that work for me. Make your own list and let it grow.

  • I am happy that the ability to create a fulfilling life is within my control.
  • My writing comes easily to me and fills me with excitement and joy.
  • I am grateful to be surrounded by love, light and support always in all ways.

Wishing you love,


About Cathleen O'Connor

Cathleen O’Connor PhD is a metaphysical teacher, best-selling author, speaker and intuitive coach who loves helping people harness the power of the mind and heart to co-create miracles in all areas of life. She has been quoted in the Huffington Post as a dream interpretation expert and featured as a work-life balance expert in various publications. Connect with Cathleen at and grab your free e-book: The Secret to Saying ‘No.’

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